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Summer Reading, Summer Chores

July 8, 2013

Some time ago I signed up for NetGalley – almost as much of a draw as Amazon! Love reading, love new ideas and trying new things. A more in depth review of some of these will be done in time, and one already reviewed on the sister blog, SlowMoneyFood.

Sometimes the books we pick up that we think will be awesome fizzle, and sometimes we’re surprised. I’d looked forward to “Food Over Medicine”, believing nutrition is the source of much, and found it more about pushing vegan only diets from a medical branch associated with PeTA. Not balanced, not reliable and sometimes outright incorrect. Disappointing.

On the other hand, last week I had picked up one, Drink Your Own Garden, I thought would be of passable interest and I loved it! It’s a book about making wines, mead and other drinks from the garden. Beautiful vintage artwork and some recipes that made someone who doesn’t drink wine want to make the recipes! How’s that for a draw?!

Another really liked book I thought would be ok that exceeded expectations – Overcoming Fake Talk. Excellent advice in these pages on communicating effectively, whether with customers or co-workers, family or friends. How and what we say isn’t always heard how we mean it. This book sheds a light on four communication styles that, in my case, were dead on! For business or life – this is worth a read!

I set up an Amazon store – a way to share some of the books that I feel are worth sharing in one easy to browse place. In full disclosure, we get a few dimes when folks purchase through the store, as every little bit helps!

I have been trying to fit in too much in too little time in some ways…so much that needs done! There’s books to fulfill reviews/reading of with a 3 week deadline here, plus daily chores, raising/finding funds for the expansion quest and trying to get forward, some big disappointments in losing some youngsters so instead of income we had dog food. Working on breeding another round of youngsters, trying to stay on forward financial ground when every dollar counts, Connor’s birthday was last week, planning for programs, trying to prioritize and leverage…ack! Lots to do! Lots to read.

Last week’s rainy spell gave much time inside. The tomatoes are benefiting from the rains, and the books checked off of the list are an accomplishment! A renewed list awaits this week, a webinar on recycling water tanks and several rabbits due with babies, as well as planning and preparations that are ongoing!

The dogs are ready for some outdoor time! Bella 1 and Bella 2 (both German Shepherds, 7 years apart in age!)  have buddied up, Diva is asserting herself as pack leader, some spots of time just enjoying the dogs are important too. They teach much about ourselves.

As we’re in to July it’s National Ice Cream month and national picnic month. What summer activities are taking your time? Good books to share?

Enjoy these days. Winter will be here soon enough!

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  1. July 9, 2013 9:28 PM

    Thanks for reading my book, Overcoming Fake Talk. My hope has always been to take the fear out of holding difficult conversations with anyone and provide a degree of courage and confidence for talking about what matters most.

    • July 9, 2013 11:30 PM

      Thank you so much for stopping by John! I did really enjoy the book, and recommend it to friends in agriculture. So many good points – thank you for presenting them as you did!


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