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Tied To Technology

July 9, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the books I’m reading over is Living a Life of Gratitude. It’s a little different – not quite what I expected but designed to make one think. Taking time to think today – well, we don’t have time. We’re busy – running kids to events, doing daily chores, planning for a future we may or may not see, working on endless treadmill loops that we don’t take time to get off of.

I think back about 40 years. A time when we could get on the horse, or bikes, and go exploring for 3-4-5 hours. We’d explore in the creeks or watch songbirds. When younger it might be watching dust fragments in the sunlight. In that exploration, we didn’t have cell phones. There wasn’t a way to call home at a pay phone, but we knew places we could go for miles around – homes that we could approach if we were going to be late to call home.

Now many panic at the idea of leaving without their phone – they might miss a call, text or tweet. We can’t be away from those connections. There isn’t the freedom of just wandering.

It’s a different world today. It’s, arguably, more dangerous. Kids of today can’t, in many areas, do the same things but there’s always been danger. So many want those simpler times.

How many are ready to do something to reconnect with a small portion of it?

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