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Spiritual, Faith, Christians – Ag in the Bible

July 14, 2013

I often hear folks say they don’t go to church but are spiritual. This may be in many forms – from those who believe in God and think He is found in many places besides church buildings to those who worship a Creator from a more Native American standpoint.

Recently through NetGalley I came across a book slated to be released this fall, called Living a Life of Gratitude. Now that’s right up our alley! We should be thankful for what He has provided. We’re surrounded with blessings!

Author Sara Wiseman has a little different view, what some might call “new age” more than Christian. Dismissing the book on that basis can mean missing much. In one part she talks of being more in tune with music. Feel the life around you, be it literal music or not.

I think of the many types of music. All have their own beat, a unique expression. Consider flipping through radio channels – classic rock, country, pop, rap, blues, jazz.

Then there’s original artists like my Facebook buddy Duane Deemer.

And there are those like Greg Peterson who believe in His grace, blessings and glory.

God uses many ways to reach us. Some credit the Universe. He made the universe, which means, to me, it’s crediting Him. Different views. Different music. Different dances.

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