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Battling Bugs – 3 Ways to Fight Mosquitoes

July 16, 2013

The wet weather and heat mean ideal habitat for bugs and weeds. Here are some ways to battle mosquitoes, flies and other bugs that spoil outdoor time.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADump standing water. Buckets, bowls and bird baths are prime suspects, as are old tires, and anything else that holds water. Dump and refill bird baths every few days, which doesn’t leave time for mosquitoes to breed and hatch. Of course bowls for pet food should be emptied and refreshed daily. Stock tanks can have fish in them to do the job. A few common goldfish work well and, of course, provide incentive to keep the tanks filled!

Keep areas dried out – under rabbit cages here is a big one. Keeping the area dry leaves no moisture for flies to breed. That, of course, is a challenge in many areas with rain that indicates building an ark would be good. Striving to keep livestock areas dry helps with sanitation and comfort of the animals but also with bug control.

So there’s a slough or pond you can’t do anything about that’s a source of mosquitoes. Put up a bat house – invite bats, which eat thousands of mosquitoes and other bugs – to stay. Rural areas can also protect barn swallows, and growing up we liked to watch their aerial antics as well as appreciated them for the bugs they eliminated.

Electric bug zappers, bug sprays and a host of chemicals can help also, but it’s surprising how much little things can make a difference.

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