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Reading Addictions

July 17, 2013

From the number of folks that love ‘dream rooms’ of reading areas, home libraries and other things on my Facebook page, I know I’m not alone in reading. The modern media may try to teach via documentaries and movies, but there are many who are just as happy to sit down with a book.

For some a “real book” is the only thing that works. I’ve become a fan of Amazon – a used bookstore without boundaries! It could be dangerous if I’m not careful. Earlier this year when “Think Like a Rockstar” was released, it was available on NetGalley to download, and thus the introduction to a reading deluge!

Not all have been favorable. Generally I choose according to interest and what I know, what I might learn from and what I can share with readers. I’ve found a highly recommended book in The Good Food Guide. Also found, to me, a dud in another book that was very disappointing. I mentioned Overcoming Fake Talk as another that gave some insight that I think is beneficial.

Here’s a few I especially liked – and why they fit in with me and, likely, many readers:

Soap Crafting – Beautiful pictures, complete directions. One day soon we’ll be offering handmade soaps again but for those wishing to do it yourself – here’s a good guide.

Eat Move Sleep – sounds common sense, and while I don’t agree with the author on many points, there’s some good advice here too. Worth a read – investigate and decide for yourself!

Drink Your Own Garden – Love this one! Beautiful vintage pictures throughout, and some make-it-yourself options for a variety of beverages.

The Mobile Poultry Slaughterhouse – We’ll definitely be taking some ideas from this book as we get rolling! While we have a processor to do chickens and turkeys, there isn’t one yet for ducks, so this could be an option!

Compact Houses –  I love this book! Cabin designs, home books etc are fodder for the place we’re planning and this one has some *awesome* ideas that we will be using! Some of the ideas are – I’ll say eclectic – different but not bad. Others I’d like to implement, like a solarium with a lap pool and a toilet and sink ‘mini bathroom’ under the stairs.

Living A Life of Gratitude – I was intrigued enough to request this book, then initially wasn’t liking the new age element. I stuck with it and tried to remain open minded – after all, a life of gratitude is a quest! If the author worships the Universe does it mean I can’t use the same things to worship Him? Perspective! With that handled, I really liked many of the ‘think moments’ this book brought out.

Backbone Lessons in business and life can be – should be -lived in our military forces, and this book combines current events, history, business lessons and inspiration. The look at what makes a true leader, the men and women who represent us around the world.  A Marine was quoted on service in Afghanistan:

“They judge the United States and the ideals and standards of its people by the conduct of its representatives. It may be no more than a passing patrol whose deportment or language is judged, or it may be fairness in the purchase of a bunch of bananas.

Reality check! That’s all they see of us…what is represented in the underpaid men and women who sign up to volunteer for the job.

Some others on my reading shelf include a variety of things from Tai Chi Chuan Classical Yang Style to Herbal Antivirals (part way through this one – some interesting points!). I’m looking forward to others from plant breeding to goats to a biography about someone that may surprise friends/fans. (Stay tuned!) Made In America is another that looks to be right up our alley and is on the list for next week’s reading.

Added to that there’s a stack of “real books” waiting patiently until I get through the list! We never stop learning, changing perspective, finding new awareness or better ways to do things.

Books can take us around the world, to other cultures or shine on something about our own. These are a few that have made the rainy days pass easier!

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