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Stupid Questions – Laugh At or Laugh With?

July 19, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvery person reading this has things we don’t know about. Perhaps it’s another part of agriculture, or details that come with a higher education than we had, or those things outside of our normal domain.

Normal summer 90 degree weather came to Alabama this week, increasing the use of fans, water and vigilance. Yesterday, however, Connor and I had some things to do in town and we made a quick trip in to deal with bank deposits, feed and groceries and a treat of a lunch at the Lin Garden, a buffet that we enjoy occasionally in Jasper.

We stopped at the Walker County Co-op to pick up some feed and the hard working guys in back were loading for customers in front of us. I stood near the door waiting for one to load some feed into a van when the lady in it asked what was in that shed across the drive. Large doors into a bay with white piles led me to think it was ag lime, which the worker confirmed. She said “oh I thought it was snow or something!”

Some would laugh at her for thinking it was snow in 90 degree weather. Others may laugh with her, thinking of a question they asked somewhere along the line about something out of their element.

How well do we accept questions from others about those things we know? No one likes to be laughed at, but often laughing with them breaks the ice and allows for conversation.

Often it’s the tone that defines humor from sarcasm. Each time we think we know it all, think of being that person with questions – maybe you’re unfamiliar with raising rabbits or wonder what those raising pumpkins or specialty crops do the ‘rest of the time’. The perceptions we get from the outside aren’t always accurate.

As more people are seeking food choices, we’re renewing efforts to get the expanded online and have a short, quick fundraiser going. We’re seeking to be a forum where those in every state can cost effectively list what they do and ‘just consumers’ can go with questions about food choices. Please support and spread the word on this. For those with small farms, $25 for two years is a great deal. This might be just part of the time – microfarms with extra produce in the summer or eggs in the spring – or part time or full time farms. The big thing is a market for those farmers and a way to connect with those seeking food choices. This is a small but important goal we’re doing – please, please, please spread the word. Every $5 helps a lot! The idea behind this site is for those who don’t necessarily have a marketing budget to allow for ongoing fees, but seek direct access to customers.

It’s a place to help farmers, help consumers and have the connections that there’s a place to ask those stupid questions safely, without relying on entertainment sources for information that may be wrong. We believe food choices are too important to take that approach. Do you? Please click, donate, share. Thanks!

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