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What Difference Does $1 Make for Agriculture?

July 24, 2013

A conservative estimate is there’s 308million people in the United States. Due to the abundance we have, most get to eat daily – not always what we want, and recognizing there are too many doing without.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut what could we do if enough people put forth $1? Working on the project website, it seems $500 is less than residents spend on coffee in one town. It’s probably parking fees in some areas. Yet it’s opportunity for empowering food choices, where people can buy their food.

Not everyone wants to buy processed foods at the store. Some want organic, others have dietary restrictions. I see in comment sections we want this, this and this (but don’t want to pay for it).

If 308million people invested (yes I said it!) $1 per day, 5 times per week – $60 per year that the majority of Americans won’t even miss – it would create $18,480,000,000 towards small food operations, farmers markets, providing food for those who can’t afford it – less than that even just $60/year. Many can afford double that and not really miss it. Triple.

How much do we spend on movie downloads? Gym time (we can work out at home!). Fast food snacks. Popcorn at movies. Candy, gum and sugary mints.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat’s $369.6 million per state for all 50 states. THAT changes how things are done, faster than petitioning governments and a year harassing companies to stop selling what their customers want. It’s not a ponzi scheme or send us  money without questions. It’s money you invest directly into agriculture, based on your choices. You talk to the farmers and processors but importantly take action. It revives farms, changes agriculture, strengthens communities and directly benefits you.

Are you serious about your food choices? Is it more important than candy or coffee or movies? Are you ready to do it?

Be the change. Enough people doing it will make changes. Be the change.

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