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Common Ground – Taylor Swift & SlowMoneyFarm

July 29, 2013

What common ground can possibly be present?! There are worlds apart on so many fronts it’s not even funny. No Taylor Swift is not a customer (although in the interest of privacy, we wouldn’t advertise it if she were!) and likely she doesn’t know we exist.

Yes there’s criticism. “She’s not really country.” Personal comments, criticisms and public dismissals have been tossed at her throughout her career.  Not all that is public is always the whole story, however. For all the criticism, she weathered it and grew up.

One of the books I’m reading through NetGalley is Taylor Swift and it was with mixed thoughts of doing so. One might argue I’m not a fan – I do like many of her songs, I think she’s a good songwriter when so many can’t speak their thoughts let alone write them down. I almost saw Taylor several years ago – Huntsville Alabama with Kelly Pickler and Rodney Atkins. It was hot, and the crowd was held up away from the stage, so when the gates opened there was a mad dash in which several kids were knocked down. Many of the fans were thoughtless to downright rude in the crowd, and when there was enough drama going on around us we left after Rodney Atkins was done, before Taylor took the stage. I’m sure it was a great show, as one doesn’t get where she is without it. The crowd itself took away from the show, so before someone got hurt we just left.

Since then, I’ve watched her from afar, not really following closely but it’s hard to not see the headlines. I saw something else out of the headlines. A savvy business person who models knowing your audience. She does, and caters to them no matter what anyone else says.

That is a basis for common ground. More common ground is looking at, striving for and crossing goals. When one’s met, make another one.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe quest for doing things on her terms, but listening respectively to constructive criticism if warranted. The class she showed when Kanye West took her moment at the video awards was something everyone should model, but usually don’t.

The book itself highlights her career, the behind the song stories and many quotes from Taylor herself.

We don’t have millions of fans, we don’t have nearly the money or market that Taylor Swift has, we’re not on the radio with hit songs. But we are here, involved, working towards our customers no matter what everyone else does and focused on doing the work to get to the next level. We don’t need millions of customers – but need a small crowd of the right ones. Taking a page from that drawing down, targeting, and it doesn’t matter what everyone else does. We’re different! The quote on the photo says much.

Critics are going to happen. We’re too diverse, too small..but would rather do what we do than be a watered down box store trying to please everyone. We’re not going down that road.

We’re taking aim at the market we want. Making choices, Staying on our course. Just like Taylor Swift did for hers.

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