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Thanking Women Farmers

August 1, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve seen some posts today that women farmers are honored with a day. Today, it’s pointed out is to thank women farmers and ranchers that make up a good portion of the food production system.

I can only speak for myself but more than thanks I just want an even shake.  Sometimes it seems those who “support” us aren’t even close.

An exchange last night on a Facebook page dedicated, they say, to outdoor based systems.


  • Eat Paleo-Save the World In fact, much of Eat Paleo, Save the World! Explains the standards for Paleo Approved… since this book was written by me, and I am the founder of The Paleo Foundation and Paleo Approved, and my goal when I left my previous life was to clean up the food systems, foster sustainability, and prevent “Paleo” from turning into the disaster that “Organic” did.
  • Jan Hoadley Sounds like the only right paleo is, then, what you deem fit to be called paleo. Pretty much how organic got where it got…defining, right/wrong way to do things until many just threw their hands up at organic completely. And it appears that same path is being taken, which would make sense to end up the same way. If not, debate/insults of the right/wrong way will insure it.
  • Eat Paleo-Save the World So says a CAFO owner
    So says a CAFO owner?! I was floored, to say the least. So who is this author/founder? I looked closer and found it to be listed as

    Karen Pendergrass who says she and her foundation support small farmers using natural methods.
    I’ve never met Ms. Pendergrass, and she wouldn’t know me to pass me on the street. Yet she “knows” I own a CAFO? It seems to state something that openly in a public forum, one must know it to be a fact. Surely an author, one based on facts, wouldn’t misrepresent to project an opinion?
    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo with it a “special day” for women in agriculture, it made me think tonight that so much in agriculture doesn’t care. The rabbits don’t care if men or women care for them. When we had cattle, they didn’t care if it was a man or woman they kicked. They are equal opportunity. A woman doesn’t get better results from crops because of gender.
    When we sell, we don’t get better prices because we’re women. In the end, special permission isn’t needed. Special treatment isn’t a factor. We want equal. We want to be taken seriously as we stand toe to toe with our male counterparts. We want to be talked to for what we do, not because we can’t possibly know anything about management and operations.
    When it comes to here, Paul has no idea what rabbits are related, who is bred to who, who is due when, how old they are and other information that I know. I can point out multiple generations, even siblings and cousins. When someone calls asking to talk to Mr. Hoadley – well there is no Mr. Hoadley. Sorry – lost sale!
    I want an even market. A fair representation of those who claim to support small farmers but in reality don’t. We don’t have hundreds of cattle out back, or thousands of chickens. We certainly don’t run a CAFO.
    Those who follow our blog, Facebook page, Twitter account etc. know what we’re about. We show pretty openly what we’re doing when. If there’s demand for food choices, as we believe, we’ll do well beyond the expansion. If there’s not, well there’s not nearly the support for small farms many repeat. That’s consumer support.
    Not our male peers. Not Monsanto. Not “big ag”. Only consumers can put us in business or bury us. That takes action. It takes willingness to listen and not just agree with those who guaranteed have never stepped foot on our property, have never visited and probably don’t even know where we are.
    And that – well that isn’t support. Salute women in agriculture. Support women in agriculture with your purchase dollars. If questions, talk to us. Everyone has an opinion,but not all opinions are fact. Ms. Pendergrass clearly doesn’t care about facts, and it saves spending money on a book that, equally, may not be factual.
    Sincerely appreciate those who continue to support us in action, this day and every day. Thank you. That makes the long days worth it!
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  1. August 2, 2013 1:23 AM

    All I can say is AMEN sister!

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