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Love Your Dog? TRAIN Him! ~ Divas Domain

August 5, 2013

Take a look through our posts and you’ll see we love dogs. So it sucks – no polite way to put it – when people say they love dogs but do things to endanger their dogs and others. There’s slogans of “don’t breed while shelter dogs die.”

There’s big crocodile sized tears about “all the dogs put to sleep” and admonishments to spay and neuter. There’s ignoring the growing dog theft issue and ‘rescues’ and/or individuals moving dogs hundreds of miles away. A Dobe from GA ends up in Texas – pretty sure he didn’t do so alone! What happened in that seven years – no one knows.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, it seems there’s another slogan that needs to be brought up. No tears with TEARS. Complete with a little photo item we’ll share on our Facebook and Twitter spots separately.  Why?

Because most in agriculture have a fondness for dogs too. And cats. We’ve long dealt with the strays and castoffs dumped in the country to fend for themselves. We’ve had to end lives that threatened our livestock.

What is TEARS? Train them. Exercise them. Allow imperfections (we make OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmistakes too!) Respect them. Secure them. Many, some say over 90% of dogs, are given up for training issues. Won’t housebreak. Cute but unruly. Too big to handle. They get to shelters and are poor pitiful things that are broken and abused. Understand it, but suck it up and they will. They aren’t broken – they need reinforced. TRAINED! You owe it to your dog.

Teach them to walk quietly on a leash. Teach them consistently that you’ll take them out regularly an if you are late getting home, don’t punish the dog for not waiting another 3 hours! They weren’t late, you were.

This come to light this weekend at the report of an old, much loved English Setter being attacked by a dog that got excuses, not training.

The next day Diane and I paid a visit to the St. Bernard’s owner, a  woman from Pennsylvania. She reimbursed me for the vet bill. Again, she said that she was sorry, that she got the dog at a pound and that it had been abused.

This angered me beyond belief. And it wasn’t my English Setter. But I’ve heard similar stories too many times to count. The massive errors of people that causes dogs their lives. The failure to effectively train this large rescue dog meant an old dog lost her life. It reminded me of the St. Bernard cross at one farm that chased and grabbed a Thoroughbred foal by the neck. Certainly not fun play for the foal. Worse, it gives the indication that an abused dog gets excuses because he can’t be trained without abuse.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMany rescues and shelters require fenced yards. They require a multiple page form, vet references, and often job information. They don’t require TRAINING of dogs they pretty much know have training issues. The idea that any dog deemed ‘abused’ gets away with being unruly seems to me to be neglect.

Most agree an education is the most valued thing a person can have. They claim dogs are like us – and dogs, too, need educated! Can you imagine going into another world and you don’t speak the language. You get to do whatever you want then one day you’re killed for following that code. If you only knew there were rules to follow! Give them boundaries! Give them rules!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt doesn’t take abuse people! The lack of training ruins more animals – not just dogs – and destroys more lives than most think of. I think of the Anatolian shepherd in ‘desperate need’ of placement following killing some of a herd of alpacas she was supposed to protect. She was brought to her new home, with no experience with alpacas or llamas and at 10 p.m. put in a field with them. This is a dog that instincts tell chase off or kill anything that doesn’t belong – she didn’t even know what belonged! But she’d never seen these animals before, and they paid dearly. The owner let them down. She should have been penned in the barn, able to see them through the fence for a while. Learn that they belong. The Alpacas paid, the dog paid, the owner sustained a financial loss but blamed the dog for her mistake.

Training – there’s no substitute. Many shelter dogs do become good, productive members of families. Some save lives. But training matters. They’re not people in fur coats – their dogs. Respect them for what they are – even a small dog could chew your fingers off if they chose to.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATraining is more important than fancy beds, doggie parties and treats and expensive food. When Bella2 arrived, we quickly saw someone *had* spent some time with her. She’s great in the house, typical ‘teen’ with selective hearing outside so she’s on a leash or chain until she gets her graduate degree. 🙂

Train your dogs folks. It’s part of the responsibility of having them. You take a dog on, you owe them. It’s not abuse. It’s life insurance.

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  1. August 5, 2013 2:50 PM

    I need a good advice on how to train my rescued dog, Benny the shepherd, from chewing through everything in sight, and eating rocks/pebbles/concretes 😦

    • August 6, 2013 11:40 PM

      TEARS. Exercise – a tired dog is a good dog. A crate. Appropriate toys to chew on. Obedience training to keep his mind busy.

  2. August 5, 2013 11:37 PM

    I so agree! We have lost livestock to dogs and shot dogs because of it. People make all kinds of excuses, the dogs breed, it having been a rescue so on and so forth. Flat out fact of the matter is YOU the human is solely responsible but the dog is the one who suffered from the human failing to fulfill their end of the deal. We have an Anatolian and she is a huge responsibility and a source of pride. She is not a perfect dog and we didn’t expect her to be but we strive to be aware of her issues and take the proper action to deal with those things before they cause a problem instead of waiting until something happens and then making excuses. Great post!

    • August 6, 2013 11:42 PM

      Thanks & thanks for stopping by. When we get proper room would like to get an Anatolian again. Great dogs in the right situation. Too many think dogs are just born knowing, it seems. Being active with them makes a difference!


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