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Food Choices – Real, Processed, Manufactured

August 7, 2013

Recently when reading Nutritionism there was quite a few pages devoted to margarine vs. butter. The manufacturing of margarine added nutrients and ingredients in as a ‘healthier’ alternative to butter. Then the shift came and butter was shown to be better than margarine. Significantly so. This shift happened in decades. Difference in studies, research, beliefs, acceptance.

The book talks of the creation of nutritional food compounds as demanded by a public that can’t get enough supplements just in case they’re missing something. This, too, is not new. It dates back 100 years! Vitamins, minerals, nutrients were added to insure people got adequate nutrition. There’s calcium in orange juice (fortified) and no one really seemed to blink.

When the “pink slime” lean finely textured beef ‘scandal’ made the news, people weren’t happy with using all of the beef, they were incensed because they ate it, liked it and didn’t know what it was or how it was processed. They felt lied to.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe call now is avoid processing. Processing means GMOs and chemicals and controlling our food supply, critics say. So now there’s headlines about bovine stem cells grown in a lab and activists are cheering support. The end of animal agriculture! Of course it won’t be for vegans…as gelatin, leather and other products, it does come from beef after all. It’s to force the rest of us to eat it, rather than raising animals for meat.

So, in reading comment sections the questions pile up faster than answers. If society doesn’t want (they say) highly processed food or lean beef bits why, then, does test tube meat seem a good thing?

If GMOs are bad because they’re “made in a lab not a farm” – why then support meat made in a lab not a farm?

If this is better/safer, how do we explain the prevalence of antibiotic resistant bacteria in hospitals (presumably also better/safer?

How much testing is ok before this is rendered safe for generations of people?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile we’ve fashioned the slogan of combining tradition with technology, honestly I balk at this. Perhaps it’s old fashioned. Perhaps it falls with wanting real meat. Perhaps it’s because the push for this is more political than food safety or concern for others.

Or perhaps the quest for less processing, heritage, heirloom and direct to the source isn’t a game for us. It’s not something we can just shrug and say let them eat fake meat. Many will embrace the technology.

There won’t be fake meat in our farm shares. We’ll continue to be a source for transparency, and lean towards the tradition on this aspect of technology.

There are absolutely food choices for all – and those who want this technology can have our share. 🙂  We hope enough will keep it real.

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