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Blessings, Promises, Marketing and Questions

August 13, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA question at tonight’s #agchat on Twitter was about what we like about agriculture. Many things come to mind but among them is the people we get to meet. The people that we call friends, supporters, business associates, customers.

Yesterday, as I mentioned in the blog, we had the unexpected surprise of a baby chick. A single baby chick wouldn’t live long left to itself. Oh there’s food and water plenty. And danger. So the chick is brought inside, fed, watered, protected.

Symbolic of this little farm, now ready to go to the next step. Today I spent some time chatting with a Facebook friend, Keenan, and thoroughly enjoyed hearing from a different perspective.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou see, I value my ag friends for feedback. If I have a sick animal, or a pest to deal with or my tomatoes look sick it’s invaluable to have someone else to go through “what am I missing?” with.  When I’m faced with a decision and am not sure what to do, be it a parenting issue or a design only agnerds would understand I enjoy and value different points of view.

But this goes beyond ag friends. Several in my circles, like Keenan, provide other valued advice, thoughts and ideas. Be it business, investing, creative use of marketing or social media, public perception or what those outside of agriculture think about <whatever> I highly value that!

Sometimes in their knowledge, I’m the baby chick looking for direction. Feedback and discussion help that to grow. Am I right, wrong or totally in another state? And I appreciate the honest feedback when asked.

Clear communication is important. So many put forth empty promises – and when it doesn’t happen then I have to alter and cover the promises I made. Sometimes that’s expensive and not just monetary. Promises kept create trust and with what we do, trust is gold. When a promise is broken we let someone down – and those breaks seem to splinter.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAConversations here can vary within the course of a day, week or month. We have some exciting ideas coming up to launch for investors, and those interested in preparing for a disaster. We have some challenges, and people to deal with that we hope to be beneficial for both sides of the dollar bill.

Much thanks to those, also, here on the blog who comment, like posts and engage. Those on Twitter who share ideas and sometimes offer spirited debate there or Facebook. The answers aren’t always so black and white. Sometimes it’s every color of the rainbow. After all – we can’t be grey and blend in!

It’s not just marketing for us. Just marketing says everyone else is wrong. Those who don’t agree with us are wrong – destroy them. We say – let people choose what they want – and if that’s processed food or fast food dinners, well that’s their choice and someone else will fill it!

We’ve got another view, and seek those who want to come along.

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