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Go. Stop. Go. Wait. Go…

August 15, 2013

Those who have watched us for a while know we started very mall. Micro level. Added, grew, built, raised, bred, tinker there and weed here. Like many investments, it takes time to grow. Unlike many investments, the growth isn’t charted by banks or financial records.


We’ve done projects $200-300 at a time. We’ve made other purchases $1,000-1,500 in a week, and leveraged that. We’ve lost some stock, gotten through storm and come out the other side with additional wisdom and experience that only trials can give. We’ve had a few small sponsors that allowed for some steps forward. We’ve had some customers that bought, knowing it may be a couple of years before they fulfilled their packages completely, and that faith and patience is huge.

And we paused on promises that didn’t quite happen as they were supposed to. We’re hoping that paperwork actually gets done, but in the mean time we need to keep moving forward as the water is rising. Without action we not only lose much but everything five years of growth has built. That cannot happen!

The before and after pictures above are but a small portion. Yes we’d like to have an upgraded barn – and have figured that in. As we prepare to launch on Operation Diversify it’s with several points in mind.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s doing what we believe in, helping others and – yes – providing a living for us. It’s offering a variety of things but not at box store quantities. It’s personalization and it’s thinking outside the box enough to see we don’t have to be like everyone else.

It’s making a living that makes room for the dog that needed a home, or family that needed food or sharing what we know with people at no cost. It’s celebrating the good time and bowing to asking for help at other times. It’s being able to almost reach pay off on the place we have now, without being late on payments. It’s second chances and sometimes macaroni and cheese dinners. It’s discount steaks and potatoes and rice suppers to insure the animal are fed too. It’s tears of joy and tears of loss, balanced for memories.

Watch our website for investment opportunity updates, share with friends who might be interested. We’re thinking outside the box for investors who are thinking outside the box and who are ready to move right now, while we can still set up right for a full 2014 season. Operation Diversity approaches!

There has been nothing impulsive about this expansion. A year on prepare-to-go-no-wait has meant a lot of time to plan. We’re ready to make changes you’ll read about in the media.

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  1. August 15, 2013 7:18 PM

    Keep up the great work!

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