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A Look Back

August 29, 2013

Throwback Thursday – a look at an archived post and some history before present day!

Food, Farm, Life Choices

Although SlowMoneyFarm at present is relatively new it comes with great history. In the 1960s in Illinois on the family farm, SunnyBank Farm, we went from mixed cattle to registered Charolais cattle.

Between 4-H and FFA it was a reason to get further involved with cattle. We kept a bull, LCR Sir Sam 658 purchased from the famed LittonCharolais Ranch. Sam was as much a part of the family as a bovine can be.

Brown Swiss also held a special place. Miles of white fence were scraped and painted every summer as well as other farm chores.

The horse pasture is trees now, the fences are gone and much has changed but the memories remain.

Memorial Day 1977 on Joe – he was well into his 30s when he died and was a once in a lifetime pony. He didn’t have a known pedigree and was plain to look at…

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