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Are You Ready for Another Katrina?

August 30, 2013

Hurricane_Katrina_August_28_2005_NASAEight years ago Katrina was winding up her assault on the Gulf and had headed inland, leaving damage in the path.  As we go about our day to day life, we don’t think too much about disasters.

And yet, when they happen, disasters make the news. From raging fires in the west to hurricanes, tornadoes and a host of other disasters. Some prepare as much as they can. Some say just move somewhere there isn’t disasters – but every part of our country has potential for disaster. Sometimes 50 miles is enough to be out of the danger zone. Sometimes five miles is. Sometimes the difference between life and death is being prepared. We plan for vacations, but too often leave disaster preparation to “someone will help.”

So what if right now you have one hour to prepare and get out of your area? Where will you go? What will you grab? Do you look forward to being in a hotel with two kids and two dogs and a cat…oh and Junior’s pet snake and what about the wife’s horse? What if the hotels are booked full?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat if you were prepared? One phone call – “We’re coming.” Get your family and pets and drive. You’re prepared. You grab a few personal items, but you arrive at a humble spot with room for the pets. There’s more room than a hotel room, and although not a mansion, it’s a refuge from the world in time of need. You know that in the precious time saved, despite the uncertainty of home, you don’t have to worry about supplies. Food is stocked – basic but nourishment. It almost feels more like an unplanned vacation, except for the worry of what waits back home. And you don’t know if that will be in a few days, weeks or a few months.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat if you have a small business. According to Bob Boyd of Agility Recovery “40% businesses without a plan won’t reopen after disaster. 25% of those that do will fail in 2 years.”  What if you had a disaster plan option that allows you to leave to safety and includes desk workspace to help keep your online business accessible? A look at how many businesses were affected by Hurricane Sandy shows that clearly it’s not just private people who need to think about a plan.

When it’s needed, such a plan can be priceless for peace of mind. It gives a place out of the chaos where the kids can play with the dogs, you have a desk to attend to business and, although altered, there is a shred of stability. There is food in the kitchen, clean sheets, no room interruptions or mountain of problems. The basics are covered – because you thought ahead and took advantage of a ‘disaster timeshare’ early on.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’ve been affected by disasters and don’t want to wring our hands with “what do we do?” – so have spearheaded our idea of disaster timeshares. We will put our preparedness experience to use with things many think of (milk, bread, water) and those things many don’t (keeping copies of health records of your pets in a file, can openers, having a desk and chair available for your use, should it be needed.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANot only are canned goods available, but seasonal fresh food is an option too. Through our farm share programs, we have small farm grown and processed food available and waiting for you in the freezer.

In case of disaster in your home area, a disaster bailout spot can save on stress and provide temporary housing until it’s safe to go back home. It can serve as a safe haven while repairs are done back home. We strive to think of essentials as well as creature comforts, but this is a rural located situation.

Not all disasters are natural – civil unrest is something we don’t think of, but is another reason that getting out of a home area may be needed. Because this is centrally located, we’re within 300 miles of Atlanta Georgia, St. Louis, Missouri or Memphis, Tennessee. We’re a day’s drive from the coastal communities that may be impacted by hurricanes.

It’s the opportunity we hope no one has to use, but if you do it’s worth much more. For a limited time we have a special offer for those interested in signing up – and a special investment option.  The first payment is $5,000 – this goes towards sign up, stock up, preparation. We’ll rotate food supplies, insuring that no food is as old as your children! This fee is paid annually for three more years. If during that time frame, emergency use is required, it’s there for 10 years. You can even, with prior arrangement, use the cabin when attending our clinics or for a week vacation.

The investor option has another option – if at the end of five years of unused disaster timeshare use, if  you want out – you get your money back, minus fees for anything used and walk away, or you can use the full ten years just in case, which comes to just $2000/year for “just in case” options…$167/month.

We will take a limited number of people on this – and it’s probably less than your insurance premium. Yes, it’s more up front, but a good value if needed. Contact me today if interested – these will go fast!

Fill out the contact form below – do not leave bank information, credit card info etc here! Leave a name, phone number, location you’re in and when is a good time to contact you. Spread the word on this – we’re preparing now for the next disaster – so there’s a few less families saying “I wish I had…”

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