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Helping Plants Breed

September 6, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe hear a lot about heirlooms, hybrids, GMO, nonGMO – seeds. Choices. We don’t often think about with that comes plant breeding. Some time ago DairyCarrie did a post about corn sex, with photos, showing some great information on corn breeding to eat.

But for many, we just don’t think about breeding plants as much as breeding cattle, or hogs or sheep. A book easily available on Amazon can change that. It’s called Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener: How to Create Unique Vegetables and Flowers and is written by Joseph Tychonievich. 

This is easy to understand explanations on selection of plants – developing plants! – that do well in your soil, climate and management. It delves into the science of it without getting too high tech.

Whether for taste, or fragrance, or beauty this is a great primer on seeds. And beyond the gardening, agnerd beginner and heirloom enthusiast, it’s a great book to look up for those who just eat. It helps you understand how the plants were selected that produce the food that get to your plate. The more you understand, the less fear factor and the more food choices you have.

Check it out, You might find options you only imagined!


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