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I Came to See What Hate Looks Like

September 9, 2013

If you have followed my blog and, for years before, my writing, y’all know country music is a big interest.

The list of favorites is long, and among it is Vince Gill. Songs like The Radio have long been favorites on the play list, as well as “The Heart Won’t Lie”, “Never Knew Lonely” and “I Still Believe In You.” So much so that I’d named a horse I bred IStillBelieveInYou. Seeing him in concert in Oklahoma was definitely a memory.

He’s a legend in the country music world, an incredible talent. And at another concert in Kansas City yesterday, before the show he said the line that makes up the title of my post today.  The video below I will give a warning you might want to wait until little or professional ears are not listening.

Most are familiar with the Westboro folks who thrive on condemnation, hate and judgement. Mr. Vince Gill went out to ‘welcome’ them and calls a spade a spade.

For all the soldiers these folks have dishonored and the families this short clip is a little bit of speaking up. There is no room for hate here.

Thank you Vince.


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