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Permanent Solution to Temporary Problems

September 10, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s the thing few want to talk about. Suicide. When it happens folks wring their hands, deny  the truth, talk about mental illness or being crazy.

How big of a difference from just not judging and listening? We don’t know what others are going through. On the heels of Vince Gill’s comments earlier this week, and as a subject I’ve done before, it bears to not let it get too far from awareness.

People say cold and callous things. They put things online they’d not say in person because it “isn’t real.” Only it is. There’s real people sitting behind these keyboards. There are issues driving isolation, self hatred and the endless loop of tape repeating things in the mind that it seems the only way to shut it off is stopping it permanently.

Their families, friends, kids, parents, loved ones – they all lose. They’re left questioning why the person didn’t care for them enough to hold on. In that narrow gap of isolating depression, that may not have crossed their mind. Support is essential.

Get help. Make a call. Keep doing so until you get on solid footing again. Life is precious. All life.

Suicide can remove one person from life, but it can mark those left behind forever. Don’t take the steps to suicide. We all choose. Choose life. Choose friends and family. Choose to breathe, build better surroundings, take time, find peace and get better – just for this hour. Repeat.

Be kinder than needed – we don’t know when the person in front of us is barely hanging on. And maybe you don’t care.

But someone does. Don’t be a selfish bully and take their friend or family member away. We all have the ability to control ourselves…our actions, our words.

Make them count. Don’t be – or generate- another statistic. Just for today.


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