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12 Ways that 9/11 Influences SlowMoneyFarm

September 11, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARemember the hours after the planes hit the towers? Today much is filled with looking back. It’s hard not to do. We shouldn’t forget. It seems a lifetime has passed. The day is etched in my brain but the real sadness comes in what’s happened since.

That unity in horror, the standing together is replaced with division. The hate is as much a contrast as the wake of the president’s plane flying over Illinois that afternoon against the blue sky. If we hate, enemies win. If we’re divided, if we lose our sense of community and compassion then the enemy has won because the enemy is here.

It’s been 12 years since that terrifying and life changing day. As the tributes roll, like years past, tears will come. Missing those no longer here. And making a difference. It’s slow, but it’s important. In 12 big ways now, 12 years later, we seek to make a difference for our fellow Americans and our friends around the world. We’re hanging onto the good traditions worth salvaging because that’s what we do. Tradition and technology.

1. Insure our food supply. Come what may, they who have food have security. On the morning of 12 years ago we didn’t know what gas prices would do, how high supplies would run. For our customers, we want to insure food will be there, and food shares is to empower those choices.

2. Memorial trees – plant a tree for a loved one is a family tradition. Not everyone has a place to put a tree, and so many move so often anymore they don’t know where to do it. We offer an option to do so, marking the memory of the person with a visible, living gift to the future.

3.  Retreats. Sometimes we just need to get away. Connect with something bigger than modern day life. We want to share things to connect with LIFE. Empower you to empower community, wherever your community may be. It’s important.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4. Learning new things – continuing to learn keeps us not only empowered with new skills but prepared for uncertainties. Can building a chicken coop, or rabbit hutch or other structure help build life? Do you want to learn to preserve food from your garden, or cook from scratch or prepare for a disaster? Take a class!

5. “Make a difference for someone” – I sign off with it. Every day look around. Make a difference for someone. It doesn’t have to be big and doesn’t have to be money. Cover a couple dollars for someone in the grocery store who is short, open a door for someone, smile and say thank you when someone does it for you.

6. Find that community. Online, offline, near or far – find your community. It gets you through the low times, the uncertain times and the good times. The simplicity posts are to help find that inner peace, as well as the community. Life.

7. Our photographs aren’t just beautiful original art. It’s a place that even in a busy office or home in the suburbs you can gaze into and for a few minutes go somewhere else.

8. Disaster timeshares – not just tornado, hurricane or fire. We don’t know what the future has in store, but it’s a good plan to have disaster prep in your bag of insurance. Our disaster timeshares are to give further options for getting out in any kind of chaos.

9.  Take in someone who needs help. It might be a stray dog. It might be buying a meal for a stranger, or taking some non perishables to the guy you pass every day. Reach out.

10. Thank those who help provide our safety. The millions of military, police, fire, emergency medical teams and others who still rush in while everyone else rushes out. Thank them every time you get a chance. It seems so many are big on complaints – write a note of compliment to their supervisor when someone goes above what they have to. Recognize it, embrace it.

11. Grow something. A pot of herbs, a square foot garden, a 5 gallon bucket with tomatoes or flowers. Grow something alive. Feed the song birds and put water out when it’s dry.

12. Teach a child something good. They are our future. They will inherit a world not of their making. A world shaped by chaos and fear. A world that still has good people in it. Show them. Teach them. Don’t be so jaded we can’t see life as a child. It may just help you as much as it helps them.

Twelve points. It guides us. We offer things to connect with others because we have much to share, but can’t make people choose us! Reach out.

Make a difference for someone. That someone might make a difference for you. That’s community.

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