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What Makes Something Special?

September 12, 2013

When people look at a bike, a Toyota, a Chevy and a BMW there are many choices within each choice. The latter three all go 55 miles an hour down the road, or more. All four get from point A to point B. Customers of each can make a good case for why they chose theirs over the other options.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat makes the BMW special? Not everyone can have one. To be fair, not everyone wants one! But with vehicles there are differences – and to a large degree a different acceptance of the choices of others.

Now bring in food. Oh the hackles go up! We must defend our choices! All must choose like us!


We’re an advocate for food choices, and well aware that with that we’re different. Not everyone can have us. Some might call that elitist. Some might discount it as not feeding the world. They’re right – we won’t feed the world. Have no interest in doing so. Instead I’m happy feeding one small part of it with food choices made by people who want what we have. And there’s room for a very small part of the population to do that.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe won’t be threatening Smithfield’s or Tyson’s anytime soon. You can’t get our meats at Chipotle or Hyatt or Panera Bread. Those who truly want to cook at home, with food choices that they know it was USA raised, USA processed and supporting small business – we’re your farm!

A smaller, more selective base is our market. Do you want alternatives like duck, rabbit and heirlooms we’re it. Someone who doesn’t want the Chinese processed or owned pork or chicken has alternatives. We can tell you down to the pen where your meats were raised.

Not everyone cares about that. Some just want small farm, food choices that are outside the box.

We’re that. We’re not for everyone – and that’s ok.


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