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It’s GMO! Or Is It?

September 17, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s become a battlecry. It’s “evil”. It’s wrong even if it reduces chemicals and increases production. It’s a strand or two of DNA so small that it doesn’t alter the appearance of the plant. A corn plant is still a corn plant. More specifically, a field corn plant is still a field corn plant.

There are a great many – in fact most – food options that don’t have GMO options. And, increasingly, I see comments from folks that see something different, something bigger than ‘most’ or different in appearance and “it’s GMO!” is the cry to reject it. And there lies the rub for us. Many food companies are jumping on the bandwagon saying their food is nonGMO – which it is because that food is ALL non GMO. For example, popcorn.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe often hear “YOUR place is good” or “we know YOU don’t have GMOs” – but what of the majority of people who haven’t yet heard of us? What if their first introduction is seeing one of our Giant Chinchillas, or a buff Cornish chicken or a Beaver Dam pepper or striped cavern tomato? It’s different. It doesn’t look like the store. GMO!

And they’d be wrong. We’d be labeled, falsely, and may or may not know it. So when I’m asked why I care about labeling, GMO issues etc there are a few good reasons.

1. We’re not GMO but do have things that look different. The fear folks have been successful in scaring people about the origins of their food. When people expect to see a jalapeno or serrano pepper and see a big Jim that’s 10 times that size, “it’s GMO!” slips out. Only it not only is wrong, but may be heirloom! People fearful of GMOs may not even ask us, but avoid our nonGMO options in unfounded fear.

2. We have up to 200 farm shares for the year. When they’re gone they’re gone. If we sell out, there won’t be more unless we have a bumper year or until next year.

3. There’s hundreds of millions of people who, then, cannot be our customer. Maybe it’s they don’t choose what we have, or maybe they’re too far away or maybe they want to but didn’t get to us in time.

4. Different is not GMO. GMO is not appearing different. I’d go so far to say the majority of the people out there cannot look over at a corn field at 60 miles an hour and tell if it’s popcorn, sweet corn or field corn, let alone if it’s GMO corn!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA5. We love rainbows. Carrots in white, yellow, purple *and* – yes – orange. Ditto peppers. And many other options. You want taste? You want choices? You want the most different looking salsa on the block? Yellow tomatoes with purple peppers?! Are you bold enough to be different?

But it’s not GMO. Different yes. But different doesn’t equal GMO. GMO equals GMO. Learn the facts, choose accordingly. And – pssst – we still have farm shares available for 2014! No extra charge for rainbows.

Many folks don’t care about GMO, some do. There are options – for those willing to choose, finance and make it happen. But be sure, if you’re exercising that choice, that it really is a choice and not a marketing deception.


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  1. Jacqueline Winter permalink
    October 6, 2013 5:23 PM

    this article is confusing and poorly written adding to the publics misunderstanding about gmos.

    • October 6, 2013 7:23 PM

      What exactly is confusing? What we do? That people observed in comment sections don’t know what a GMO is? That groups and marketing claim there is GMO popcorn when there is not? That many claim different is GMO? Not when I see articles about Belgian Blue cattle with headlines screaming about GMO cattle – because they don’t look like what many think of cattle looking like? I witnessed all of these things.

      The five points listed are pretty easy to understand. Of course, I understand, too, that you’re not happy with the comments on the Facebook page, and while criticizing it for poorly written, it’s with less attention to grammar. What questions, exactly, do you have to reduce your confusion?

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