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Celebrating Different – Publicly

September 19, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFollow our blog and even Twitter posts for long and we’re a little different, you might think. Browse through the website and you’ll know for sure.

While comfortable speaking with people (pre-event butterflies aside), video is something I like doing, know I need to do more of but don’t like being in. So, in thinking of a prompt sent yesterday, perhaps celebrating that different is in order.

We don’t have a WalMart advertising budget, or a marketing team like restaurants and other businesses have. We need to reach a lot of people, but more than that the right people for us too. And…we’re different.

We don’t have pretty black and white cows like my friends the Zwebers or Dairy Carrie does. We don’t have large and interesting machinery to share (I think most folks can figure out operating a shovel!). But we have a lot of information to share.

Ideas are many to have fun with it. Purple hair,  dogs in costumes or rabbits dressed for the topic have all been tossed around, verbally. I mean think about it – a lot of people may talk about stocking up but how many short heavyset women in a purple wig with a funny looking dog are telling you how to keep your family safe? It’s a serious topic, but monotone voices on videos out there are naptime material!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOK  so sometimes we want a power nap. But that’s another issue for another day! It’s time to have a little fun, share some information that may help someone and give a different view on other topics.

Sometimes we don’t just think outside the box. We step out of the box, tap dance on it (or more of a pow wow style dance) and burn the box. Tradition is good for many things, Technology is cool but sometimes we all have to make our own way. I hope you’ll join us occasionally down some of these little side roads. It’s ordinary presented in a different way.

Tasty food in a different way – from rabbit to duck to…well stay tuned and see how we raise it. Better yet – get a farm share and more access!

In the mean time, watch for videos, check out our website, and get ready for some fun things in the journey ahead.

PS. The camel above is not ours. Yet. 😀 OK so we’re not buying camels. But that would be different wouldn’t it?!


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