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How To Save A Life

September 25, 2013

The popular song “How to Save a Life” brought popularity to the Fray, legions of Grey’s Anatomy fans and an iconic connection beyond the two. Certainly real life doctors, medical people and paramedics save lives daily.

Many learn first aid and CPR – some hoping they’ll never have to use it but thankful if they do. Children not yet 10 years old have saved lives. Tomorrow night Grey’s Anatomy kicks off a new season, and tonight’s season 2 opener of Nashville continues where a vehicle accident left off last season. Both popular shows will focus on saving lives of characters and the buzz is if they’ll be saved.

Sometimes saving a life isn’t that difficult. Sometimes it’s doing something. It’s making a difference for someone. It’s explaining with a connection of a horse, a dog, a farm that we can overcome life’s obstacles.  When working on the retreats, clinics and such a big part of that is to that end, although perhaps not as dramatic.

Sometimes it’s support. Sometimes it’s helping someone find their options. Sometimes it’s standing up for someone who won’t stand up for themself.

How to save a life isn’t just on television. It’s often being plugged into the world – and the people – around us. We’d like to be a power strip to that.

Hope you’ll join us.

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