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Sparrows, Eagles, Hens – Ag in the Bible

September 29, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMetaphors about birds are given as examples throughout the Bible. The Lord knows every sparrow, Jesus gathered believers as a hen does her chicks – then there’s pigeons, ostrich, and roosters.

If you’ve ever seen a hen gather chicks around her, she spreads her wings further than one would think a bird of her size could. I have been reading “Consider The Birds” – a look at birds in the Bible, and how that can bring a different view of His word than we might otherwise think.

A hen with chicks can look almost grumpy. She can be territorial and hovers over them, protecting them with as much area as she can.

I have some issues with the book, like saying half the meat in the US has bacteria on it (doubtful!). But bias aside, there is indeed a different perspective looking through birds. For example:

Imagine God as a hen with her wings over her babies That is not the same as a concrete bunker. There is some fragility in it. Maybe there’s something crucial about that, which we lose when we keep imagining it’s all in the hands of an almighty God. It’s different to imagine it under the wings of a chicken.

Most are familiar with chicken wings only covered in hot sauce or ranch dressing. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFeathers can obstruct the view, and allow for (in chickens) a short flight. But if a stone is thrown at a feather, it doesn’t stop the stone. It might deflect the majority of threats, but it’s hardly a metal roof!

Under macro photography many folks may not recognize the feather on the left. We’re used to seeing a different perspective.

Consider The Birds – in interesting view when you really, literally, look at the birds. Get to know them – what messages does their appearance in the Bible bring?

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