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Living In Small Spaces

September 30, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACompact housing has become a bigger interest, no pun intended, as the economy changed and as we adapt to an everchanging world. The world is different from that our grandparents were in, and that which our great grandkids will have.

Some time ago, in looking for ideas for our disaster timeshares and retreat spots, I picked up a book called Compact Cabins. I love this stuff! Ideas, plan books, balancing simplicity with livability. I’ve looked at a wide range but I don’t think a sleeping coffin is something most would find appealing! Under 1,000 square feet is something that would do for the application I had in mind, but most would be a little big small without another bedroom addition.

So when I had a chance to preview the author’s book Compact Houses I jumped OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAon it. As we get the expansion going there’s several ideas that are here that will be put to use – a mini-restroom (toilet, sink) tucked under a stairwell can make a handy spot in the barn or greenhouse without running to the house. The recessed display area on interior walls will be used for a collectible horse display. The hidden storage under stairs, in the stairs and under beds can help insure there’s plenty of spots to put things out of sight, but still accessible.

I loved the idea of a lap pool and the atrium in one design – easily adapted for us into a connected greenhouse/patio/seed starting area. Yes…compact is good, affordable is awesome and livable is essential.

Many of the ideas we’ll combine with “old fashioned” ideas – such as the heating in the above solarium (notice the pipes next to the walls under the glass). The windows that when raised have an attached screen – insuring bugs don’t get in. Screened sitting porches. Geothermal heating/cooling with wind power. These things were done over 100 years ago in the above home. The use of modern technology to make it happen can change much.

Technology and tradition. In housing, in life. Now to get the right land!

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