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Before You Dump That Dog to Find a Home in the Country…

October 1, 2013

pitbullConsider he won’t. Consider taking him to be put down. Consider the suffering he is likely to go through.

We love dogs. From a family that loves dogs. We’ve had a variety of dogs through the years from Beagles and Fox Terriers to Great Danes and Anatolian Shepherds. There’s been the dogs dumped in the country for some farmer to take in. Of course the cowards doing it never ask the farmer if he wants another dog. But since the 1960s in Illinois dogs showed up – lost, dumped, purebreds, mutts. Not as much anymore but it still happens.

And when it does, it’s bad. When a pitbull with no collar greets a homeowner, bites then sits in the car for a one way trip to the quarantine at the vet, it’s not going to end well for the dog. Many would shoot him without the trip.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen the dog’s hunger drives her to tear into a chicken coop, the dog dies. When the dog is surrounded by coyotes and fights for his life, feeling every bite, tear and pull it’s not humane.

And you did that, careless owner. You subjected a dog, that you claimed at one time to love, to this. You subjected someone who showed your dog kindness to being bitten and a trip to the hospital for stitches. You subjected livestock to harassment and death.

There are dogs that disappear. Theft. Escape. There are those who want to punish on breed or perceived breed that has done nothing.

But for a black and white pitbull near Kewanee Illinois, it’s condemnation and most certainly death. Had the dog bitten someone before? Did you think the situation would change if left to his own? The dog in the photo is in quarantine, and likely has a little over a week to find a home. Without cats, kids or small animals, but with a bite record. The victim wants to find the dog a home…but who is bold enough to take on that kind of risk?

It’s inexcusably cruel to abandon your problems by tossing them out. Train your dogs. I’ll keep saying it and, unfortunately, those who need it most will keep ignoring it. Then get another puppy…because this one will be different.

It’s often said it’s not the dog’s fault. It’s the owners – the owner who doesn’t train the dog, who makes excuses (he’s just protective, he’s been abused, he’s nervous). TRAIN the dog.

If you can’t keep him find him a home. If you can’t do that, take the responsibility to have him put down that you took on when you took a dog. Responsibility isn’t just for good times. Sometimes it sucks.

So does getting bitten by stray dogs outside of your own home.


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