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Defining Who We Are, What We Are

October 2, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnyone who has followed the blog here for long knows a few things about us. We don’t do fear factor food, we believe in food choices and we do things a little different. We’re open to questions and welcome interaction here, on Twitter or Facebook or beyond.

Many in today’s realm of food politics want division. It’s as if they don’t, really, believe they have a good product because if they did, fear of their competitors wouldn’t be needed for purchase.

The barrage of fear factor is overwhelming. It can suck days out of the week, literally, addressing it. Speaking clearly seems a point to insult others, because it’s been so entrenched it seems automatic.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo when I say we don’t use added hormones, it somehow comes through that it’s implying others do use hormones, which often is not true. Then I ask who am I promoting – me or my competitors? If none of us have added hormones in our chickens (and that’s the truth) then, it seems, we all need to tell people that.

When I say we don’t use any unnecessary antibiotics, or other medications it doesn’t imply others do. It’s just saying what we do. We don’t inject birds or animals with anything to make them grow.

We don’t use unnecessary chemicals – including pesticides or herbicides. We’re not certified organic, but in the last ten years I’d be surprised if we’ve used a quart of pesticide on the gardens – the exception being for an invasion of bugs we couldn’t get ahead of organically a few years ago some Sevin was used on some squash plants. We don’t use fly sprays around the rabbits, preferring air circulation, keeping it dry, using other methods to reduce fly populations.

This isn’t that different from our fellow farmers – but I’m talking about what WE do.

There’s no puss, bleach, chemicals etc. in the meats we produce. There’s no tortured animals. We constantly strive for bigger areas for the rabbits, a balance of space and protection for the birds and an ongoing quest for the best animal welfare practices we can implement.

I’m designing new pens for the rabbits, where each doe has a 3×4′ area to herself for kindling, and 2×2 pens for young, growing show bunnies with 2×3 areas for all bucks. After that comes a double decked 4×8 grow out pen. We’ll focus on light, safety, ventilation and helping our does raise every bunny. At that point, our ‘old’ cages can be used to expand our smaller does. That’s something we tried doing an Indigogo for and it didn’t generate interest, so it’ll take a little longer but it’s happening!

Patience, persistence, honesty, showing what we do and letting y’all decide to buy or pass it along to someone who’s interested – or perhaps seek someone in your far away area.

That’s what food choices are about. And it’s what we do.

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  1. October 3, 2013 9:03 PM

    Another great post, Jan! I am beginning to wonder if Americans actually like divisiveness, giving the current state of our culture in general. It’s exhausting sometimes!

    • October 3, 2013 11:47 PM

      Thanks Lara – I think maybe sometimes we get so lost in defining who we are it sounds like division, especially when repeated by those intending to support. And I think so much we get taught to not boast/brag, and sometimes just making a statement sounds like it. Easy to overreact more than called for. For every person wanting what we do there’s dozens, maybe hundreds who just want safe, low cost food. It takes many places to fill that!

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