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Where Do We Go? Events, Festivals and More!

October 3, 2013

The amount of things that happen behind the scenes would surprise many. Where  a larger business would call their IT department on a website, then have marketing look into banners, then have the person in charge of events look for promotional hotspots for next year, and run the whole thing past the boss or financial person – here it’s…me!

lp_003So sometimes it makes for a lot of planning and creative time. Sometimes we’re not as slick as other places, and sometimes too slick for other opinions. We are who we are – doing the best we can with what we have.

On the Facebook page yesterday I asked for suggestions about festivals or events particularly in/near Louisville, Lexington or Nashville, but possibly Atlanta or St. Louis.

We’re planning on being at the Tennessee Valley Women in Agriculture event at the end of March in Huntsville Alabama. Putting together a booth on a budget could be interesting – banners will run about $300. Then there’s the decent folding table ($50) and chairs ($60). We’ll need materials to store and organize, and will be building a breakdown frame for the banners – a backdrop that will be 6′ high. Some shows we see require a carpet/floor. Then there’s brochures, fliers, ways to display it – and hundreds of dollars before we get to paying for the booth. There’s travel and hotel rooms and the booth rental – all without any guarantee of selling a single farm share package.

lp_004So why do it? After all the banners cost as much as our last seed order or two weeks of feed! But we need to get out there face to face as well as online. It’s time.

lpWe want to get out and talk to people face to face who might be our customers. Proportionately, this is a pretty big project – so planning is important. Reaching those we want to reach and finding those relative few people who will, in their purchases, chart the course for the SlowMoneyFarm ship going forward! It’s exciting and a little scary.

lp_005What if we do it and no one responds? Well, then food choices have spoken and there’s no demand for what we do. I don’t think that’s the case – but I do think finding the right people is important. While some might ask “What if we fail” there’s another question that bears a stronger motivation.

What if we never try. What if we use excuses why we never gave it everything we have?

Like most projects, this one is done $200-300 at a time. So we want to know – what events do you know of? Perhaps it’s a food spot or women’s show or can’t-miss-this spot that we might fit into. Perhaps there is a business trade show in the region that might be a way to find contacts.

Leave a comment – let us know where you would like to see us (reasonably!) in 2014 or late this year.

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