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Does Accuracy Matter?

October 14, 2013

Choices in food are vast from ordinary beef and pork to alligator, squab, game meats, rabbit and a host of other options many don’t even know exist. As I do several times a year, I was browsing some of the other places online that offer rabbit or other things we order.

USDA_ElkI do this to insure we’re competitive price wise (we beat many!) and to find ways to stay ahead. Eating lean the options are many, but many we don’t commonly use here in the USA. There is lean pork, and lean beef but also goat (actually the #1 meat consumed worldwide!) and rabbit. It was in this browsing I saw elk and when I looked at the page for prices it pictured a red deer. Similar, but not the same animal.

Does it matter? For many, no it doesn’t. But from the standpoint of transparency, I think accuracy does matter. If for no other reason, trust. When we say something is pasture raised, it is. When we say pen raised, it is. If we tell you that your turkey is 5 months old and was a Bourbon Red guess what – it is! It will have a slightly different taste and texture than a 3 month old broad breasted bird. Food choices. But we strive for accuracy because we believe trust is important. It’s not just a marketing slogan – it’s what we’re basing our operation on.

After all, if grass fed is the same in a pasture or in a pen being fed grass cut and hauled to them, they are both grass fed, but it’s not what you might perceive.

We think that matters! Whether someone buys from us or not, accuracy matters. What do you think?

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  1. October 14, 2013 8:50 PM

    Definitely agree! It doesn’t add any extra effort. Good post 🙂

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