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World Food Day – Connecting Agriculture 2013

October 16, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat happens when farmers from around the world gather on Twitter? It becomes a trending topic – #AgriChatWorld did just that. As many noted, the world got a whole lot smaller this afternoon.

The use of social media has reached Richard Branson, who noted #agchat as an example of community social media. It allowed, for an hour and a half this afternoon, farmers from around the world to be at one place and discuss issues. From across America, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Holland and many other points around the world, social media became a forum for an exchange of ideas. It’s a place to see how all are making their own little corner of the world better.

It was a chance to see critics try to upstage the conversation, and fail miserably. Over 3,000 tweets in an hour and a half. The public misunderstanding, like agriculture, is global. It’s a chance to share a laugh, share photographs from farms around the world.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd even though it’s a minority of people, it’s a connection. We need more connections. Large farms, small farms – it takes all to provide the food choices everyone wants.

May we one day live in a world where there are no hungry people. May we one day all have enough food choices to be able to be picky. And may those who do fully understand, especially today, what a blessing that is.

World wide 1 in 8 people are hungry. Some of it’s supply, some of it government, some waste. We can’t feed someone in England, or Ireland or Nigeria – but there’s farmers there working hard to do so. We can feed one little part of it and provide those food choices.

Around the world, the choice is consumers. What you buy, what you don’t. It’s true for us, and it’s true for those far from us. Give a few minutes thought to the food you ate today – where it come from, who produced it.

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