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5 Blessings and 5 Stresses

October 19, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe all have good times and bad. There’s always a temptation to see a blog or a facebook page and think “oh he/she has it all together – never a care in the world.” For most that isn’t reality.

Seeing our blessings can slow those bad or stressful things. What are we thankful for? That’s pretty easy.

1. A roof – however not fancy, a safe place to sleep at night, a place to call home.

2. The dogs- goofy sometimes, but a constant reminder to be *now* and not look too much past or ahead.

3. Some incredible animals in the birds and rabbits. They might not look special to others but each has a story.

4. Living in America – a place with the opportunity to pray, live and work. We may or may not take the opportunities in front but that doesn’t mean the opportunity isn’t there.

5. Health. Reading a book. The smell of leaves burning. Friends.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t stress…and right now there’s a pile of it. We have bills, like anyone else, and SlowMoneyFarm is not yet solvent…with a big cart and horse wall in the way of progress.

1. Outside income has been cut to zero this week.

2. Scoutman dislocated his knee today outside. He got it back in place but is in pain, and if there is work next week it isn’t sure he’ll be able to do it.

3. Outstanding bills and not enough funds to pay them. We’ve never been late on a payment and are but a few months from payoff…but it’s a huge stress with $600 that we’re not sure where it’ll come from.

4. Weather – we need some metal stove pipe before the cold weather next week and without a miracle it’s going to be a few cold nights without heat.

5. Delays, delays, delays and more delays from the angel investment angle – a few days, a week, a month, a few more days. It seems that it’s never going to happen, and seems that there’s other distractions. That circles back to the bills, trying to move forward, can’t book without land, can’t get land without bookings circle. Frustrations? You bet!!

But it doesn’t mean giving up. Prayers for solutions yes. Begging for early Christmas sales yes…that’d be huge right now.

Both much appreciated!

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  1. October 21, 2013 9:18 AM

    I hadn’t really thought how much I oddly miss the smell of burning leaves…no one is allowed to in the city. I know there were more important ones you listed, but for an unbeknownst reason that one spurred me the most.

    I hope that your sales will pick up. I’m sure they will. Good post!

    • October 22, 2013 10:15 AM

      The low times pass! Thanks for stopping by. Burning leaves isn’t illegal here yet. 🙂

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