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Rural Community Losses

October 28, 2013
Sunset over a Moore farm hill near home.

Sunset over a Moore farm hill near home.

The rural communities are different from urban ones. There are traditions, and a woven fabric that I don’t see when living in urban areas. Today our little corner of the world in Kewanee Illinois had a reminder that we’re all getting older. It was six years last week that mom passed away, and yet the loss still feels fresh.  Seven years ago tomorrow Troy Nealey was killed. October loss isn’t, unfortunately, a stranger.

Across the road and the next hill over from our farm was the Moore farm. Howard and Nancy Moore raised a family close in age to the Hoadley ‘clan’ and from an early age there were weekend card games at the neighbors. Fireflies, water fights and tag outside were much more fun than today’s video games. Brenda and I would take off on the horses sometimes for a while as we got older, and later went to many events together. After graduation I’d ask what she wanted for Christmas and she said a car. It went on for months – and I gave her a wrapped, boxed Matchbox car for Christmas.

Always will be home.

Always will be home.

It’s the friendships made in decades. Those that we might not get together nearly often enough, but our word doesn’t need a contract or lawyer. A promise is a promise, and saying you’d do something is a promise. It’s the example given by parents a generation before that we try to model today. With our family, the Moores and the Wittmeyers it was kind of like our own little gang…always someone to hang out with. We knew better than to cross the other parents as well as our own. We knew if we were corrected that it’d do no good to ask for backup at home because we deserved getting in trouble. We also knew we could count on each others families too.

Nancy passed away today – and although time comes to all of us, it always is too soon for those left behind. It’s another October loss I wish no one had to feel.  Keeping the Moore family, and their families, in our prayers.

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  1. October 29, 2013 2:45 PM

    My condolences. It is always difficult to lose people from a community, much less those we were close with. But, think of all the memories that you made together. You will always have those. Take care

    • October 29, 2013 4:47 PM

      Thank you. I’m not sure there’s not history in urban areas, but it seems with things moving slower it’s better preserved. She’d been a part of the area for over 60 years as well as mom to several friends.

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