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30 Thankful Treasures

November 2, 2013

It’s the month of Thanksgiving, and we don’t see giving thanks as one day. Every day there’s something to be thankful for. Here’s some that make our list.

1. I’m thankful for my family. A friend laid her mother to rest yesterday, and I remember how difficult that is to do. Imperfect, quirky, don’t get to see nearly enough it’s still nothing quite like family.

2. Pigs. For bacon, ham, pork chops. For hearts. The contribution to medicine is huge, and they can provide hearts for those who need it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3. Dogs. They’re humbling and comforting. On a cold night they provide warmth. They have many powers we don’t.

4. Friends. Irreplaceable.

5. Our customers. Those buying from us, sponsoring us, keeping us going let us do this one more month, one more year.  It’s never taken for granted.

6. Food. Food choices. I’m thankful we don’t have to eat bugs to survive. I’m thankful for the variety of food we have around us, even that which we don’t eat.

7. Sight. The beauty of a sunset. The first steps of a new lamb, colt or calf. The beauty of a working dog or horse. All of these would be missed if in darkness.

8. Community. A trip to town yesterday to get borrowed funds from Western Union and I crossed paths with a lady who needed a ride in a direction I was going. It was an honor being able to give her a ride, because others helped me. It’s never just one person.

9. The foresight of those who preserved the rare breeds. From the Delaware chicken to the giant Chinchilla rabbit – they are living history as well as food choices.

10. The sense of smell. While we’re less welcoming of the pile of dog poo than the spring perfume of flowers in the air, the sense of smell adds to our life. From the smell of burning leaves in the fall to the warning of something burning in the home, it’s a means of not just enjoyment but survival.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA11. Storms. We don’t like the damage, but have wood from a tree that came down in a storm (or a small part of the tree!) to keep us warm now.

12. The ability to read. Books, email, information. I’m thankful I was taught to read. The basic education that keeps on giving – priceless.

13. Having utilities and a roof paid for one more month. It’s been a struggle. We’re three payments and change from having our little spot paying off, and in a push to eliminate that debt. Many things we take for granted until they’re gone.

14. Hope. The absence of hope is devastating – if there’s no hope things will get better, no option of something changing ahead, the struggling times aren’t worth getting through. We have hope for many things.

15. Being able to worship as we wish. There are many people who hate because of belief. Because of how someone sees the world.

16. Connor. Seeing the young man he’s become, I know his mom would be proud of him.

17. Electricity. Turning on a switch and having light. Twisting a knob and there’s heat on the stove to cook. Could we adapt without it? Sure we could! But it makes one appreciate it to think how it enhances our lives.

18. Lessons from the past. Not just the book I wrote, but the many remaining lessons from thrift to survival to financial.

19. Horses. So many lessons. Like dogs, they serve us and don’t worry about tomorrow, or dwell on yesterday. They’re in the moment.

20. Being an American. The freedom to make many decisions others don’t have.

21. Salvation. Some don’t believe. I do.

22. First responders. Police, fire, paramedics, soldiers. They answer when there’s a call.

23. Forgiveness. Definitely not perfect, and with the right people don’t have to be.

24. Music. It’s not my talent, but enjoy it greatly!

25. Flowers – for beauty or edible flowers, or those that provide honey.

26. Modern technology. I watched horses from around the world yesterday racing in the Breeders Cup World Championships from the comfort of my desk.

27. Good livestock. Be it a turkey strutting or a show cow or horse or rabbit – they have lessons to teach.

28. Memories – remembering those gone before.

29. Health. We too often take good health for granted until it’s not there. Every morning I can stand up and walk to the bathroom is a blessing. Many cannot.

30. The ability to learn new things. Conversation with others, books, experience.

We all have much to be thankful for, and much taken for granted until it’s too late.

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  1. November 3, 2013 1:45 AM

    Lovely, comprehensive collection! I need to use the words ‘thanks’ more often and not expect people to read my mind to discover the ‘tankful of thanks’ in there 🙂
    So important to verbalise thanks as well as action it!

    • November 3, 2013 8:00 PM

      True! Sometimes that can make all the difference when people know we care or they did something that mattered.


  1. Thankful for Bacon! Yes. It Deserves a Place in My 30 Days of Thanks

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