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5 Reasons Washington 522 Was Defeated

November 6, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALongtime readers won’t be shocked by some of what I say here. Others will disagree. Some will hate me for expressing an opinion that seems contrary to what we do. Some, maybe – just maybe – will listen and take action needed for food choices.

Food choices are the base of what we do. But there are 5 big ways this was doomed from the start and, being a peon, few listened to what I said. Not surprisingly, the same result.

This wasn’t lost on critics. It was lost on misinformation, apathy and using the same words that got it beaten in California. People criticized when I said it early on, and more criticism the last week. But until folks *listen* and change direction it will not pass. And here’s the bigger thing – it doesn’t need to. What’s come out to me this campaign is it seriously cheapened the nonGMOproject label. I tried saying it last week and was ignored.

1. Most people do not care. They just don’t. There’s 6.7 million people in Washington state, statistically. It’s roughly 456,000 people demanding in vote the labels be done. At the time of writing 5.7 million people didn’t care either way to make it to the polls. The measure was defeated, indicating the majority want their food just as it is. The ability to know what’s in your food is there – or what’s not in your food, if you make an effort to do so.

2. False information. You might believe GMOs cause cancer and every illness known to mankind. But the proof is on the side of it’s not substantially different. It’s different enough to patent and label as seed, but not different enough in the finished grain nutritionally or other ways to use. You might believe the rat tumors but rats and mice throughout America have been dining on GMO grains and thriving, unfortunately for farmers. You may believe it reduces fertility but if that were true those rats and mice would not exist. You might believe because GMO corn causes “bugs guts to explode” that it’s harmful, and that even the products made from the grain are poisonous to bugs. But guess what – too many Americans have had bugs in their cereal, flour or other kitchen items. If it killed bugs, that would not happen either. Common sense folks!

3. Misrepresentation of currently available labels. So people want GMOs labeled. Currently it is possible to buy nonGMO labeled food, verified by the – which was made aware last week of false claims being made. They were more interested in getting me signed up for the label than concern that the label means nothing when it’s widely spread to be false. Just one of the comment threads:

Rozy Holzer Kashi, is the same garbage…loaded with GMO’s, you just pay more for the packaging….it’s is a facade!
Like · Reply · 1 · about an hour ago

Jan Hoadley wow – you just invalidated the nonGMO project and accused them of fraud.
Like · 6 minutes ago
Jan Hoadley
Write a reply…

Stephanie Witkoski I have heard that Kashi is not GMO free either! Better check it out!
Like · Reply · about an hour ago

Deb Herring Are you saying that the Non-GMO Project Verification and the Organic Certification labels carried by the Kashi cereals are not credible? If so, we must question all other products that carry them.
Unlike · 1 · 18 minutes ago

Even on the nonGMO Facebook page people recommend organic rather than nonGMO. If those on their own page don’t support the label they say they want, why should those who just want cheap food that tastes good to them and is convenient?

4. Banging the I Hate Monsanto drum. Legislation to enable lawsuits against Monsanto, or to put Monsanto out of business does nothing to empower the right to know what’s in your food. Targeting any company with hate is not going to endear yourself to the masses. Openly wishing the buildings would be blown up makes some wonder what happens when our business is disagreed with? Saying Monsanto produces food, dog food and other things when they are primarily a seed company doesn’t foster trust. You might hate Monsanto and biotech but few will vote to put a business under. Especially when all they have to do is show benefits – what they do makes a difference. Who do they believe – a company making a difference, or people rallying to shut them down? Don’t like corporations. Great. Give up everything in your home that wasn’t home produced. Cell phone and service for one. Internet – pesky telecommunication companies. Car. We’re surrounded by big companies – but hate this one enough to encourage bringing harm to them. What, exactly, does all that effort do for me? Not.One.Thing.

5. Saying the facts don’t matter.  If the facts don’t matter, what difference does it make what the label says or doesn’t say? But the outright lies have got to stop. That creates doubt and that does more to defeat it than billions of dollars advertising does. People claiming nonGMO label food isn’t really nonGMO – really so what difference does a label make? Why make more labels if they aren’t accurate. And yes, I saw that comment made repeatedly in comment sections, that some of the products that are nonGMO labeled are done so fraudulently. As a nonGMO grower thinking but unable to afford the labeling that makes me wonder what difference does it make. I put forth thousands of dollars in a label folks don’t believe anyway – or just tell customers what I grow. The latter is cheaper. The facts are many things being represented to be GMO aren’t – there’s not even options for it. But how many times do you see a needle in a tomato? There’s no commercially available tomatoes that are GMO at this time. Yet that appears, still. Want to talk lies to the public? Let’s start there!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s over 455,000 people who say they want choices – but are they buying nonGMO and financing nonGMO farms?  IF there’s as many wanting to support nonGMO growing as voting for it. 455,000 people – how many can spare $100? $45,500,000 into nonGMO production. If people buy it, finance it I promise you no labeling will be needed because that will turn the tide of food choices. Sadly, as it is, demanding others to give up their market is a focus and that will not win. The majority of people buy their products and don’t want alternatives. If we want alternatives then you must finance it. And frankly as a nonGMO grower, it’s bleak almost ready to give up times because it doesn’t translate to income needed. That doesn’t bother Kraft and Kellogg’s and others – they HAVE a viable market. NonGMOs – a long way to go to translate want into viable.

Make a difference. We have food options available. Purchase, sponsor, make gift purchases – make it happen. That changes things. Support food choices.

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  1. November 6, 2013 1:37 PM

    Bravo! I only wish more people would take a breather from the hype and the fear to understand these five simple statements. If GMOs were really that effective at killing pests, they’d be sold on the shelf right alongside RAID!

    • November 6, 2013 2:14 PM

      I’ve seen variations of this over and over and over. Obviously we grow nonGMO – would like more demand for nonGMO. But the majority of people out there are not, and never will be, our customers. For what it’s worth, I agree with the idea if there’s GMOs there should be the option to buy it or not. But we have that option. If people took the time to get the full story (not the fear factor version) it might be different. Those who want to know, there’s more information than ever before. I don’t want people afraid of their food.

      • November 6, 2013 2:27 PM

        I agree wholeheartedly- knowledge is your best tool. But as you pointed out in your post, there are obviously a lot of people who don’t know or simply don’t care enough to even vote on the matter.

      • November 6, 2013 2:34 PM

        Thanks for stopping by & commenting! We’ll be here when folks are ready. We hope!

  2. Joellyn permalink
    November 6, 2013 2:34 PM

    Why is it the anti-labeling crowd refuses to consider that some of us deal with food allergies, and NEED to know exactly what genes are in our food? You also say rat tumors mean nothing and rats do fine with what they eat. Actually, I have pet rats and rats are not supposed to be fed corn because it makes them more likely to get tumors. I doubt it’s a coincidence that corn is one food that is always GMO – there is no non-GMO corn out there anymore. The same will be said of all foods eventually.

    • November 6, 2013 2:56 PM

      I get food allergies are serious business. I also get that it can be avoided – and what many were pushing for still wouldn’t tell you. “May have GMOs” doesn’t tell you it does – or does not – have GMOs. I don’t say rat tumors mean nothing – although when using rats that develop tumors no matter what they eat, it raises questions about the validity of the tests. Have tests been done and hidden using wild rats? Why are they seemingly immune? Actually there *is* non-GMO corn out here – I happen to know several people raising it. Mostly for an export market because they will pay for it. There absolutely ARE food choices. I have non-GMO seed. I have multiple heirloom options, organic, nonGMO. They’re available in our farm share packages and beyond. I appreciate your comments, truly. But there *are* nonGMO options because that’s what we do. Please don’t say we don’t exist, then condemn others for growing what they need for their market. Food choices mean farm choices.


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