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SMF Market – Shares and Packages

November 6, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’ll be answering questions and putting up information for those seeking to buy from, sponsor or gift things from SlowMoneyFarm.

As a very small operation on the verge of expansion, we have a variety of ways to make our way in the agriculture world. We provide food choices for those who want food choices. We don’t do labels – we talk to you. What a concept, right! If you want to know how and where your food was grown we’re it.

Many have become familiar with farmers markets, and CSA operations (Community Supported Agriculture) is not that uncommon either. Typically in a CSA you pay a set fee, then split everything that the farm produces for the year. It may be a bumper crop or might be slim pickings. The biggest criticism I hear from consumers is they don’t know what some things are or how to use them.

Enter farm shares. More selection, more choices, more customization. Like a CSA, you pay a flat fee up front. Unlike a CSA, you get to choose if there’s something you want, or don’t want. This allows a much bigger selection of fresh foods that are things you can actually use and eat.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAn example – there are folks who can’t eat tomatoes or “acid” items – you simply note that at sign up and don’t get any of that. You might instead pick farm fresh eggs and meats, herbs and craft items. Someone else might be vegetarian, and forgo the meats to focus on veggies, herbs and eggs. Both get what they want! We get to plan our year, know we have a market for the things that we grow and get to raise them as we have been doing. Plenty of fresh air, sunshine, room outside for the birds (ducks, turkey, chickens).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADepending on the size of farm share you get, there is a ‘credit’ up to that level. One person might feel comfortable with the smallest share to try it out – $500 and you will get up to $500 in food. If that takes you a month, six months or a year that is up to you. Someone else may want to stock up, and opt for the larger shares – these operate the same way. You get in writing things you’re interested in, skip the things you’re not. If you want a heritage turkey, awesome! The choices are many.

The packages differ in that there is less choice. It might be a package of 10 dressed rabbits, or a turkey, 10 chickens and six months of eggs at a dozen per week. These are set to specific things.

Getting payment helps us reduce the risk of growing – we know we have a market waiting for so much of whatever we’re growing. You get a better deal price wise.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll of those getting a farm share will get a subscription newsletter, which has information ongoing about how we do what we do (available separately for $25). Understand your food better! We’ll also help with a book to help you on your quest to eat better. There are many opportunities for personal contact, and special access to events.

We’re booking – and planning! – now for 2014. No added hormones in anything we raise, no GMOs and you see photos and video of the progress. And we even deliver to many areas!

We’re working on an expansion to Kentucky, with more land to offer more choices. But we’re planning to get along no matter what. 2014 will be spicey – if you love peppers don’t miss what we’ll be growing and turn up the heat!

Talk to us – choices are many!


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