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52 Memories & Veteran Thanks

November 11, 2013

So often it’s at the end of one’s life that they look at memories but if we wait until then we miss life! Celebrating 52 years it’s time to take a little bit and think of those things that are behind this quest.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASharing a birthday with Veterans day is humbling. Troy Nealey was laid to rest on this day in 2006 and there’s little that separates those memories for a reality check. Thank you to all who have served.

So a random view so far.

1. Two of the best buddies a kid could have that didn’t get me in trouble – Joe  and Jerry. Probably kept me out of a whole lot of trouble!


Frisky19712. The realization cattle are not nearly as dumb as people think. Frisky. A particular black Holstein come to mind.

3. That life isn’t fair. People lie, don’t keep their word – and life goes on.

4. The wisdom in making wise use of second chances.

5. Sunsets.

6. Great examples of what a parent should be.

7. Seeing moose in the wild – Alaska, mid 70s.

8. Walking on a glacier during that same trip – and introduction to quicksand!

9. “Meeting” legends of the racing world – Secretariat, Seattle Slew, Spectacular Bid, Riva Ridge, Affirmed, Exclusive Native, Nashua.

10. Jeff Bates concerts.

11. Going backstage at the Opry with Mark Wills.

Gaelfall198512. Gael – a shadow through many transitions.

13. Appreciating sunsets with early morning milking.

14. Losing loved ones – but no loss compares to mom.

15. Darryl Worley concerts and giving, rather than getting, something signed.

16. Black Hawk East basketball.

17. Blizzard of 78 in Illinois.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA18. Many memories with Stephen Cochran & band – good people!

19. Many 4-H events.

20. Seeing Reba McEntire early on at the fair in Monroe Washington.

JanMG21. Montgomery Gentry concerts.

22.. Top 10 broken Rex doe at the ARBA Convention.

23. FFA trips – wouldn’t trade ’em!

24. The satisfaction of an abundant garden and productive farmyard.

25. Sheep!

26. Talking agriculture, life and laughs with people from around the world at the Santa Cruz California hostel.

27. Trips with the Black Hawk East horse judging team. Walking reining horse patterns in an Ohio parking lot. Pretty sure any observers

28. Spending a fun evening with Del Amitri in California – cool people!

29. A winter in Bozeman Montana.

30. Chris LeDoux – more good people.

31. An Appaloosa mare, a castingoff, and making a difference for a boy in Washington.

32. Top 10 and top 5 Giant Chinchilla placings at ARBA convention Indiana.

33. Stars – Thoroughbred mare I prepped for the sale and ended up buying her due to prices in a down market.

34. Oklahoma City bombing – ’nuff said.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA35. A dad who thinks outside the box and taught me to do the same by example.

36. First crushes.

37. More memories than anyone wants to know working with Connor’s mom in Flagstaff Arizona.

38. Grandparents. Cousins.

39. Chasing fireflies.

40. Friends willing to come to defense when needed.

41. Snipe hunts.

SnohomishRivernrMonroe42. Appreciating some of the most beautiful country anywhere.

43. Visiting both coasts- ocean to ocean, border to border.

44. The evolution of the internet, social media and the AgChat Foundation.

45. Participating in state fairs in multiple states.

46. Fire in Washington 1988.

47. Grandparents influence to present and beyond.

48. Working with offspring and beyond of Triple Crown contenders.

49. Feeling God’s influence throughout.

50. Tornadoes in Alabama.

DukeMePup1988ish51. Good dogs.

52. Lifelong friends, even with distance between us.

Much still ahead! No million dollar lottery wins or anything, but there’s more memories to make!


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