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What Are Craft Shares? SlowMoneyFarm Marketplace

November 12, 2013

There are many folks out there who are crafters with incredible talents of taking ordinary materials and making something special from it.

While many are aware of the farm shares, you may not know there are other options, including craft shares.

Many may be concerned where and how those items are produced. Just a few options from the SlowMoneyFarm craft inventory:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1. Feathers. Mostly these are naturally collected feathers that birds shed naturally. These include not only duck, turkey and chicken feathers but those from our macaw. The birds themselves are not harmed.

2. Furs. Some may object to this, but when using an animal for meat, it’s a waste to throw the pelt away. This isn’t prime fur, but may be useful for small fur trim projects.

3. Gourds – for crafts or painting, we have a variety of options available from birdhouse gourds to a variety of shapes.

4. Dried flowers. The possibilities are many!

5. Leaves. While many people have access to leaves some may be interested in options for other crafts.

6. Colored corn – a variety of types of corn are available and some of the more unusual are brilliantly colored corn. Many may call these “Indian corn”.

7. Angora fiber – yes we will have small amounts of raw angora fiber! White, with colored to come later as demand warrants.

8. Egg shells – raw, blown out.

9. Chopped hay or straw.

We have plans to offer mohair, wool and much more! Feathers and furs from animals used for meats will be used rather than discarded.

These are just the beginning offers, with more to come in 2014. As with other shares, our “share holders” get first dibs, based on their application requests. It then passes to our subscribers, and then to open market. As we get rolling, we expect to fill most of our market with the shares and subscribers, so don’t miss out! Book your craft shares today!

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