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Help Loved Ones Eat Healthier

November 15, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s the time of year many start thinking about Christmas. Have you thought about those on your Christmas list who are looking to get healthier? The holidays are a time of indulgence for many. The cookies, and candies and treats that we may not eat the rest of the year.

After Christmas is over there is one last indulgence at New Year’s then many make a pledge to lose weight, get healthy, live better…after weeks of treating ourselves. Is it any wonder the magazine, email and social media streams are flooded with diet information.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMany moons ago I went to see Richard Simmons – he was on General Hospital regularly at the time. There were several things he said, and at 130 pounds thinking I had to lose weight it’s almost laughable now. But there was a point made to not diet – the first three letters are DIE! Instead learn to LIVE but in a better way.

Much of what we do here is with that in mind. Get our minds right. Get enough sleep. Relaxing. Let go of stress. Eat better. It’s natural to want to pass it on.

If you’re looking for something different, something to kickstart healthy resolutions, give a gift that works towards that goal! Perhaps instead of the mass produced but cheap candies and cookies, you might deal with smaller places direct. This might be us or might be someone else – but Small Business Saturday isn’t just one day for us.

Many authors have self published books that might offer a gift that directly supports the author. Many crafters count on sales for holidays and other gifts as a big part of their income. Increasingly, we’re present on the internet, although it’s becoming harder to find them. The idea behind the SmallFarmCoOp was to have a place it was easy to find these places, and we hope to expand that this winter but we need your support for it too!

Gift items from here need not be as extensive as a farm share. Here are five possibilities.

1. A subscription is just $25 and allows preferred purchase opportunities and information.

2. If you’re in service range, we have raised bed gardens available. These are delivered, complete with frame, compost, topsoil, seeds and set up.

3. Classes or clinics – A variety of classes and clinics from hands on building and disaster preparation to photography and writing. These will be $30 for individual classes, more for weekend clinics depending on interest. Gift certificates are available from $30 to $500 and redeemed for clinics, classes or retreats. Choose from Alabama or Kentucky location.

4. Craft shares may be a bonus for those who enjoy fiber work (angora wool!), or making crafts with natural items including but not limited to leaves, feathers, fur, sticks, wood, pinecones and much more. These are $150 and they can choose from items available.

5. All original photography, calendars and other items from SlowMoneyFarm. We have items at Cafepress, as well as Lulu and – yes! – direct!

Individualized, original and something they won’t get a duplicate of…*and* things that can work towards the goals of getting healthier. It’s not all just eating cardboard tasting diet meals!

Have fun! Learn! Take steps to learn new things! We’ll be here – will you?

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