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Where Are Parents? Be a Parent Not a Friend!

November 22, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe young people gone wrong seems to add up. Where are parents? By the time these youth get to be teens, they need a grip on reality, the social of social media. Respect.

There’s the 14 year old with an unspeakable actions on a young teacher. He lives, reportedly, with a mom and two younger sisters.

There’s the self proclaimed “pot princess” – Twitter stream showing a history of recklessly driving under the influence. Her last tweet on the 16th:

What a legacy – posted before she turned the wrong way on an expressway that killed two people. Three families torn apart.

Kayla Mendoza, 20, of Hallandale Beach, FL is allegedly responsible for driving on the wrong side of the Sawgrass Expressway and crashing into another vehicle, resulting in two deaths. She tweeted ‘2 drunk 2 care’ hours before the collision.

A self-styled “pothead princess” tweeted she was “2 drunk 2 care” less than three hours before driving the wrong way down a road and killing two young women in a deadly smash, police said.

Kayla Mendoza, 20, from Hallandale Beach in Florida, was allegedly heading east in the westbound lane on the Sawgrass Expressway at 1:45 a.m. Sunday morning.

She reportedly crashed her Hyundai Sonata – head-on – into a Toyota Camry being driven by Kaitlyn Nicole Ferrante, who had her pal Marisa Caran Catronio in the passenger seat.

Two cases without respect for themselves, their family or their community. Then comes reports about what some teens consider a game – knockout. The challenge is to hit someone with one punch so hard to knock them out. The teens can pay with their life.

At the same time, teens in rural America are of concern not for harming others, but for working on the farms – usually owned by family, or neighbors – for extra money. People protest the discipline, responsibility and other positive characteristics learned working in rural areas.

At the same time – it seems more teens need parents, not adult friends. They need respect installed from the time they’re old enough to know “don’t hit” other people. Too many kids are let down by the people who claim to love them – their parents.

Not preparing the child for life, including coping mechanisms that prevent actions up there, also lets the kids down. Yes, people can criticize there are good kids that get in trouble. How many stand up to provide positive direction? How many help, find, sponsor, finance youth activities in your area that are positive? How many mentor a teen? How offended do you get, parents, when someone corrects your child in your absence?

Our communities need positive people to lead young adults. They are our future. Don’t let them down.

Be a parent. It’s the most important job we can do.


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