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Blessings, Protection, Punishment

November 24, 2013

O heavenly Father, you have filled the world

with beauty and provided us in abundance.

Open your eyes to behold

your gracious hand in all your works

that rejoicing in your whole creation,

we may learn to serve you with gladness.

– Book of Common Prayer

The above prayer dates to 1549 according to the book Bless This Food. I think of this Thanksgiving week and, despite trials, all we have to be thankful for.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis morning, as we left for church, we put Missy into Connor’s room.Because she doesn’t get along with Blue, Girl and Bella (or rather, she picks on one and all three pick on her back), we do it for her protection to not have them in the same room unsupervised. When she gets excited and wound up at our return, it’s much more likely to have a fight start.

When we returned, we greeted the other dogs, and she was scratching the door, as if it was a punishment that she was separated. In a dog’s mind, they don’t necessarily get “this is for your protection”. They just know they’re away from their people, their ‘pack.’

Sometimes it seems we don’t see when a situation is for our protection. It’s easy to think it’s punishment. My mom used to say nothing good happens after midnight. I used to think it was punishment – teenage pushing boundaries, just with friends, what could happen. I get now – it’s protection, and am thankful for it, although I can’t tell her.

Then there’s situations that just don’t make sense. A friend of several friends was killed yesterday. He was a husband, a father, a musician. The loss of a life is tragic at any time. The loss before the holidays and at the hands of another person who is walking free – well that just doesn’t make sense. He was from Alabama, had  moved to Nashville for music.

So in memory of Wayne Mills, hold your families dear. Be truly thankful for every person around your life. They can be gone far too soon and unexpectedly. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

When things don’t make sense, He is still there.

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