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Back Where I Came From

November 25, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThanksgiving traditions, holidays and recent events make it hard to not think of home. No matter where we live, there’s nothing quite like hometown.

We drank from water hoses, from a well. Sometimes straight from a creek or the cattle tank on hot days. We didn’t have helmets for bikes or horses, and fell off. There were skinned knees.

It was before broken hearts, before learning the world isn’t fair. It was a time when we could play in the fields and use imagination finding cloud pictures, natural crafts, learning about the weeds, grasses and animals around us. We had friends and they weren’t online (although many are now!).

As I look at #Foodthanks and the donations many make to others, it’s with an appreciation for what we have, and for those folks who support us. Like that hometown, it isn’t perfect, but it’s real. Although – full disclosure – the FoodThanks campaign is something the AgChat foundation helps with, I’d support it even if I wasn’t associated with the organization. When you can’t make the money stretch it brings a new appreciation of food.

For all those missing someone for the first time at the holiday table, or those thinking again of the empty space and finding a new normal say a special thank you for those who gather round the table.

I’m appreciative of the traditions, stories and knowledge passed on from families, teachers, mentors, friends. I am glad I had a small town – for all the pros and cons – growing up. For the freedom to make mistakes, and learn from them.

May we all have many blessings, and may they outnumber the problems.

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