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10 Gifts From SlowMoneyFarm – SlowMoneyFarm Marketplace

November 29, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASmall businesses, small farms, made/grown in the USA – all are an interest online. In order to remain viable, those small businesses and small farms must make a profit. As large retailers battle for the best deals for the Christmas wrapping, how about the best deals for the community? How about the best deals that will be as important in the spring as they are now? How about the most unusual gift ideas?

Like many, we have an obvious interest in getting a piece of the holiday spending, but it’s not just about the holidays.

1. Farm shares. These are completely customized, and help recipients with those ‘eat healthy’ New Year Resolutions! Farm shares come in several levels and fit every size!

2. Original photos – choose from a package of three, delivered right to your home, or a single photo. Beautiful photos – choose from rural scenes, sunsets or flowers.

3. Craft shares – does your recipient love crafts? $150 lets them pick out all natural items they want.

4. e-books – Getting By: Lessons From a Rural Past or A Look at Agriculture – or get them both! Also in print!

5. Farm subscription – Moove Over Farmville – for just $25 give a subscription to our newsletter, special opportunities for learning and access to items before they go on sale to the public.

6. All original country scene calendar. For the artsy person, there’s another all original calendar possibility, using reversed image photos.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA7. Potpourri lights – local pickup is best here – glass decorative potpourri. Each one is individually made, so no two alike. An example is shown, but be aware glass containers vary widely! Some are jars, others a variety of other containers. Finished with a cloth top to keep potpourri in the jar if tipped over. $20. These can be shipped, but it will be $10 in handling to ship up to 3 of them.

8. Certificate for clinics or classes. Learn about homesteading or learn skills such as building a hutch, coop, hoop house or a variety of other things! We’ll have clinics on a variety of topics.

9. Memorial tree. It’s the time of year we miss those no longer here the most. A memorial tree can be a gift that has a long term return.

10. Retreats. Who doesn’t need some time away now and again?! Retreats for writers, Christian, spiritual and women’s – a three day weekend away with a country touch.

All of these contribute in a very big way to our programs and goals. They also allow a one of a kind gift that you can only get here – for any reason. We also have sponsorships that give any of these items to someone who needs but cannot afford the item.

And – unlike many big box stores – you get to see your gift dollars work. We have customer service on a personal level, because of the small circle of family involved in the operations.


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