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A SlowMoneyFarm Christmas List

December 2, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrom the beginning we’ve instituted projects $100 or $200 at a time. That has grown to have not just those projects but others $300-500 at a time, and some larger ones on the horizon! And who says those in agriculture can’t have wish lists?!

Some of these are to expand planning, others to prepare for presentations.

Seed starting pots – we’re looking for a couple thousand of these by spring! Partly for starting seeds but we’re also looking to have started seeds available for several varieties in March to sell to visitors at an agriculture show. It’s just one way leveraging works!

Amazon is a big possibility for useful gifts, from books planning and informing to equipment to bring more photos, videos and other information to the blog and social media.

VistaPrint is where we’ll be ordering banners, promotional items and some other goodies for public displays – about $400-500 worth before spring. That’s a big expense, but a professional appearance is important.

Seed Savers Exchange is but one place where we get heirloom seeds. Johnnys is another – the seed starting is fun, but can be expensive with some of the initial heirlooms. The Sustainable Seed company has some interesting possibilities too. The seed order will likely rival the VistaPrint order.

Farmtek and Farmer Boy Ag both stand to benefit from equipment sales as we move forward, and many things there will be beneficial going forward. Until that time, more local places – Jasper Feed Supply and the county cooperative farm store – both are an asset as we creep forward, as well as the local Marvin’s hardware store and Duncan Road Hardware (where there’s a ‘scratch and dent’ outlet some of our building supplies have come from. Of course not all of these have nice, neat gift certificates available. That can be a problem filling the order.  Building supplies for our super hutch will be around $400-500. As most folks in agriculture can tell you, there’s always something needed! Hoses, wire, electrical cords and a host of other things – it adds up and, equally, is handled $100-200 at a time.

Lastly, a big thing on the list is a used truck. It’s a necessity to be able to haul feed, supplies and even just getting around town. A trailer would be an asset for going to events.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOf course if we had a six figure lottery winning we could just move forward immediately. But I also know with working in stages, as we have to this point, these things WILL happen!

While this post is mostly in fun, I hope it illustrates the difference those sales make. Twenty subscriptions cover the hutch. A few farm shares cover our expenses for the year, or that used pickup.

We are extraordinarily thankful for the customers and friends we have, for those folks that sponsored in small ways – few in number but large in impact. We wouldn’t be here without the particular support of a few people late in the year that have gone over and above to helping us regroup after a year that did not pan out as promised. When promises say one thing and actions another, after some time we look at actions.

That means a few more steps, but a more reliable and solid footing so that we can meet our promises when we make them.

While many may have diamonds or gadgets or new cars on their Christmas list – ours is, simply, survival. Getting to do what we love for one more year. What could be better than helping others in life work and producing food choices?!

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