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Five Years And a Legacy

December 9, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s hard to believe that for five years this blog has brought to public view events here at SlowMoneyFarm as we have grown, issues affecting agriculture, events that we’ve attended and a host of information that hopefully made people think a little big about something differently.

We’ve seen fellow ag friends get national attention, shared disappointments when things don’t go our way, celebrated new additions and things. And sometimes I go back to roots. Basics.

A few things over the years, in those basics – 5 reminders for 5 years.

Family is important. They’re our first, and most enduring contacts.

We can’t pick our family but can pick our friends. While they might not be blood relatives, they can be close because of choice.

Don’t be too proud or shamed to ask for a hand when needed. This is the hardest!

Help others when you can and they need help – asking isn’t easy for many. We don’t mind helping others when we can. Sometimes it’s a meal, a heater, help with a bill or some task.

Don’t miss life – enjoy the little things. Don’t take things for granted. It’s what makes life matter.

These are foundations I strive to bring to the blog, because it’s the basis of community. Life. It’s behind the clinics and plans for retreats and sponsorships to provide food to others.

Sometimes life doesn’t play fair. We’ve had vehicle issues for some time, but managed to get around it. We’ve focused on getting out from under payments, keeping things moving, keeping everything (including us!) fed and housed. Once we got the mortgage paid off (two more payments!) we could catch up a few things then truck and land in earnest.

Nephew Jake is coming back to get married soon, and we’d hoped to get up home to share that, but with outstanding bills it appeared that was not to be. Then yesterday dad’s hospitalization brought an urgency.

So, as timing is off. And as much as I hate reaching out to the online community, getting a vehicle is something we can’t put off. There is no do-over on some things. So be it from our shopping or sponsorship or a slow money style loan for repayment, getting a good used vehicle is pressing. I don’t want to get a vehicle just for the sake of buying something, and run into problems breaking down. I don’t have a down payment or credit from a lot. I do have a determination to be debt free as soon as possible.

The direct way above is fastest, under the circumstances. Networking – if you know someone with something that’s near enough to get, spreading the word to others that will help will also be hugely appreciated. I don’t know what comes of it – a new truck isn’t a goal, but a safe, reliable one is important in a timely manner.

Know someone? Send them our way please. Thank you.

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  1. December 10, 2013 12:37 PM

    Happy five year anniversary! Congrats and well done.

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