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Count to Ten – No, Count to 150

December 10, 2013

I know I’m not the only one noticing the abnormal amounts of extreme behavior situations in the news. Stress isn’t a good thing but many of us were told “count to ten” before responding. I think that needs upped.

Consider the couple who ordered breakfast, threw the bag back at the McDonald’s worker then called 911 to get their breakfast. They ended up with charges. For hash browns?! Really?! It seems more productive to say “Miss, I should have an order of hashbrowns and it’s not in the bag.” They’d be on their way in seconds, rather than on the way to jail.

Or the man who shot his roommate in a disagreement over the television. Really?! A passing story, which I admittedly didn’t read entirely due to the absurdity of a life being so “worthless.”

There’s the veteran who simply wanted to buy an iPad for a Christmas gift  – and paid for it with his life.

It makes me think counting to 10 isn’t enough. Surely there are decent people out there in the cities – but an awful lot of folks lacking basic respect for other people.

What a waste.

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