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Angora Rabbit Maintenance

December 17, 2013

Recently some videos have come out protesting angora fiber, showing inexcusable cruelty in stretching animals out and plucking them bald. The screams from the rabbits are those of an animal in distress and NOT representative of how we treat our animals.

So rather than telling – today we’re showing.

The angora fiber is very soft, and often blended with wool. Angora rabbits come in many colors. Magic – the ‘bad hair day’ rabbit that starts the video, was recently clipped and is a black, although his wool appears grey.

We also have a chinchilla. Many favor the white, as it is easier to dye for beautiful colors. We sell ours naturally and will haOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAve spin and felting fiber.

Muffin - English Angora

Muffin – English Angora

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    How are angoras cared for?

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