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Labeling Our Niches

December 18, 2013

As the year draws to an end, there are predictions of the latest trends for the coming year. Many of these we can use but don’t. For example, we can use nonGMO, natural, heritage, heirloom and small farm as descriptions of what we do. All are accurate. Many things we can say are gluten free (one of next year’s trends) because it is.
Among the 2014 trending focus foods we have locally sourced meats, locally grown produce, environmentally sustainable, healthful kids meals and farm/estate branded items. We do all of these things – but do not change for trendy names!
Local is our market. While that is subjective, within a day’s drive we can be in Chicago. Modern technology – but we don’t seek a big market in Chicago. Instead we’re looking in hubs around Nashville, Tennessee;  Birmingham, Alabama; Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky; St. Louis Missouri and if interest is sufficient, Peoria Illinois, Cincinnati Ohio and Atlanta Georgia. This is an area we can serve from Alabama or Kentucky as we grow and expand.

So…we’ve touched before on BS Labels. Obviously we support customer choices. But a look at this label – from a package my friend John sent a picture of – and it, too, fills many niches people are looking for. Soy, wheat, nut, egg, dairy, corn free. Organic, NonGMO Project – and we haven’t gotten to what it is yet! But we know a long list of what it’s not.

So why don’t we rely on these niche market advertising – despite having that niche market? We haven’t changed – the perception that we do for a market only isn’t what we’re about.

Trendy names are great but what happens when the trend changes? Do we chase the next big thing? Or keep doing what we’re doing as we’re doing it?

I think that for those who want choices, we have the capability to ask direct what is and is not in a product that a customer wants. That basic premise is what we’re about. If that fits the trends, great.

We don’t change just for trends – but if the trends happen to fit us, well that works well!


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