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Blessings And Opportunity

December 21, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOver the last couple of years our regular readers have noticed our quest for a truck, and today we received a huge blessing. As we’ve worried over how to get home if something happened, and trying to make everyday things happen, I put an ad on Craigslist.

Yes Craigslist. We all hear the negative stories. But it is effective to making connections. Indeed, a connection was made from the up front story posted. An agreement was made and I have a truck. No it’s not fancy. No it’s not going to haul a big load.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut it will get us around. It will allow all three of us to occasionally go out for dinner or go to a festival together. It will allow getting a small load of shavings for the barn, hay, firewood and other things we just can’t do with a car. It allows being able to go to town without fear of being pulled over with a vehicle not cleared to be on the road, but without another way to get feed and groceries.

And it will allow us to get home, with the gas to do so and paperwork transferred. Most importantly, it does so and is affordable. Thankful doesn’t begin to cover it, as some who listened to my offline “freak out sessions” can testify to!.

Few know the extent of the grass roots scraping to get SlowMoneyFarm off the ground. Few can see the concept of it’s not just for us, it’s also to help others.

But we’re thankful anyway. A month ago, an inspirational story from Amadeu Nunes, who prayed over this project as a way to help and reach others. Many don’t, but we do believe in prayer. As my grandmother did, we believe in a hand up not a hand out. Let people keep their dignity but help where we can.

And when it comes around, it’s an incredible blessing we’re very thankful for. It will help a lot in moving forward in 2014.


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