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Special End of the Year Offers From SlowMoneyFarm

December 26, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Christmas rush is through, and many may catch up to our looking forward into next year with plans, goals and taking immediate action on some issues we need to deal with.

As with most places, we’re in the slow time of year. We’re scraping by without the normal sideline income this year so are outright asking for your help not only getting through this patch but getting into next year with the ability to help others.

Act now and get a $25 certificate with a Moove Over Farmville subscription. Redeem for items as they come up for sale, with priority status.

Alternately, some box sponsors are needed – $50 – for a project prototype to help those in urban areas with fresh food, wheeled right to them, for a season. It takes 10 boxes to make a trailer bed.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACraft folks – get angora fiber, feathers and a host of other craft items as you need them, plus a subscription. This is $150 and gets you up to $150 worth of items – and yes these can be mailed in the USA.

Trial farm share – we’re not sure how this will go over, but many aren’t sure about us either! So we’re offering trial farm shares for just $100. This is good for up to $100 in meats, produce or other items we have, with the same priority order as our full sized farm shares. You still get to choose what you want – it’s just a smaller level to get started with and try out. Don’t miss these!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInterested in helping but can’t do that much? How about a $10 option? This sponsors produce or eggs for a family in need. There is a lot of that out there – and this helps us be able to continue making a difference for others. People often spend $10 for a snack and a coffee, it seems.

So here’s the looming expenses for the first few months, which then determines the rest of the year! There’s the pressing last payment on the current spot, tag and transfer of the truck so we can use it, and of course seeds for new varieties, chicks, ducklings, poults and materials. There’s a trailer needed for hauling to events. Will it come in time? Yes it will. There’s a list of “unseen” equipment of about $1,500 that will be needed before March. There’s pressing expenses of about that right now, and next month getting wound for the year. The subscriptions and shares fund these things, which is why it’s only fair those folks helping us get priority!

Time is pressing for part of this. We’ve had 3,000+ visitors to the blog some days, and don’t charge, ask or put excessive ads up for visitors to wade through…but as always will straight up say something during the good times and the not so good times. Straight up, we’ll need some support right now for end of year into beginning of year projects. Don’t think it’s insignificant. Even 20-30 people doing what they can is a big help! Just 50 subscriptions smooths over the ruts not just for us but from those who benefit who can’t afford to buy otherwise.

There were some very big delays and much disappointments this year, on hold for what didn’t come. That’s set us back a year. It’s a longer road the back road grass roots way, but will get there as it has the years before, little by little.

Many folks say they support small, local farms. Local is even among the trends for 2014 – and we’re all local to somewhere. Be it for a gift, for yourself, or a donation to someone who needs a hand up (we run across those situations regularly) it puts us in a position to help without saying anything and without using the network each time someone in need crosses our path. Be it fresh eggs through a food giveaway or items for someone needing a hand up, it’s a cornerstone of what we do.

We hope right now you’ll do what you can to spread the word and visit our page to complete a purchase or sponsorship. It makes a difference, and we’ll continue to show you how.

People contribute to scams, to celebrities and others – why not agriculture? Why not food to make a difference? Why not – indeed! Thanks for spreading the word and especially those acting to click and do something right now. It won’t go unnoticed! Thank you.


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