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Progress, Not Settling

December 27, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’re always looking at how to do things better, more efficiently and with less cost or labor. Where it makes sense we use technology – social media, timers, misting systems.

Then, sometimes, we find something that doesn’t work quite as well as we thought, or sometimes something that works better! Sometimes it needs tweaking, and sometimes is good as is.

So today Connor and I worked at removing a row of cages that was impossible to properly clean. The now unused space, still needed, will be taken down to power wash (when funds are available) and in its place is a 5 hole run with 4 drop down nest boxes. This gives us over a dozen drop down nest boxes.

Still working on extra funds for the mega hutch, a monstrous planned hutch that may be built on a trailer for ease of moving. Completed it will be 6×12 and house 8 breeding does and litters as well as 8 bucks or 12 youngsters. That’s a lot of meat possible from a small square footprint.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARecently we moved another drop down row inside to the back wall, putting plywood on top, then a row of small rabbits (solid floors, with shavings) and above it storage for carriers and other things. The biggest problem to overcome is spilled water bowls from top dripping into feeders below – so am altering that, but it works ok so far. I don’t *like* double layers, but for the space we have available, it works for now. And the upper row doesn’t have a floor, so using solid floors allows for extra holes we needed badly.

We’ll be working on improvements and goals for 2014, and have been working on plans for a couple of months now. It’s almost time to breed for spring litters. And it’s crunch time for getting seeds, chicks, etc ordered for spring, as well as already being short on some things, so will be getting creative with some ideas for slow money type quick return ideas.

As my dad said on the farm – lead, follow or get out of the way. Even if you’re on the right track you’ll get run over if just standing there. So we’re always looking for progress! Nice days make it easy to get things out that need fixed and catch up on those tasks.

We anticipate moving forward in 2014, be it slowly or quickly we’re not sure. But as long as people want food choices we’ll be doing food choices, and sharing for those who care to know.

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